GSA: Just Doing Their Part


The House investigation into the reckless spending at the GSA began today. The man on the hottest seat, U.S. General Services Administration regional commissioner Jeffrey Neely, invoked the 5th Amendment. Probably not a bad idea for Neely to do so since these pictures and damning new disclosures, exploded onto the internet Monday.

Representative Jeff Denham, R-CA, chairs one sub-committee committee investigating the GSA:

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that Neely and the GSA had a big party in Vegas (in 2009) that blew a lot of money and didn’t have a thing to do with work or anything other than a high time in Sin City. That’s bad alrighty, but maybe he was just taking the advice of Vice President Biden. You will remember one of Joe’s golden moments back in 2009:

In light of Biden’s advice and the fact that the Senate has caused our government to run without a budget for three years now, we are supposed to be shocked that the General Services Administration spent wildly on a Vegas party?

OK, I am a bit shocked. I can not for the life of me understand how Obama isn’t polling in the low 30’s. You would think people would be terrified that our health care may soon be run like the GSA.

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April 17, 2012 10:23 am


April 17, 2012 5:26 pm

TG ya beat me, I was just heading over here to do an article on this. But I love this vid from FoxNews yesterday of them running after Neely. Reminds us of Bushmills’ “Cowards in Foxholes” but this guy tried an elevator. LOL.

April 17, 2012 6:21 pm

I think they all need to be sentenced to living in a Salvation Army Homeless Shelter, and their time spent sweeping streets by hand, picking up garbage, scrubbing floors on hands and knees, then on their knees in Chapel at the end of the day.

Greed, Avarice and Sloth.