Monday, September 27, 2021
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It’s been one of those days

Over the weekend we had this…

Look, I’m a low paid government wonk. Can’t we negotiate?

And then today, this shows up…

Anda onea, anda twoa, maybe a third somewhere too

There is something inherently wrong with this administration when up until now, the Secret Service hasn’t really had a whiff of scandal, and then Agents go to a strip joint and bring fun-n-games back to their hotel.
Gross stupidity or maybe a set-up so Obama can put his own people in place….

And then to have the Obama lawyer admit his Hawaii birth certificate is a forgery, but that shouldn’t require him to produce the actual one or keep him form being on the ballot.

Say what?

It’s gonna take a lot of chocolate to deal with this idiocy.

And major whupass election in November.

I am stone forged from the fires of creation into flesh.

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