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“The Serpent Never Had Any Access To This Paradise.”

Saint John Damascene

The paradise in the title is ultimately Heaven, and yet at this moment it is America that “We The People” fight the devil for today. It is with disgust that I even utter the name Barack Hussein Obama. However, he too, shall answer to God one day. And when my day comes, I will be able to stand before God who will know that I fought as only I personally could to stop the assault on His country. It is all religions that are fighting the assault from the Marxist President and his Faculty Lounge Administration on the most basic of freedoms – religious freedom.

I stand with all of them, and I stand shoulder to shoulder with my Catholic friends in this fight against the statist federal government. Obama’s godless statist government seeks to force Catholics, (and other religious groups) to offer and pay for abortifacients for their employees. The media wing of the Democrat Party has made it about contraception and to some extent, it is, but the worst and most foul part of Obamacare’s regulations is the forcing of abortifacient coverage. The Catholic Church, and other denominations see this as the greatest abomination of Obamacare. It is. Abortifacients cause abortion. People of conscience and faith believe abortion is murder and the deliberate destruction of human life.

If 98% of women were using contraception prior to Obamacare, then 98% of women do NOT need the federal government to provide it to them. The Catholic Church gave cover to Democrats because of their belief in “social justice” which helped pass Obamacare on all of us; all the while assuming the lion would not eat them, but as is always the case the lion just eats them last. So we stand here today fighting to slaughter the lion in its tracks at the Supreme Court in order to save us all. We must fight against those who turned on us in our hour of need. They, too, shall one day stand in front of God knowing what they’ve done to His Kingdom on Earth, America. I give you the Catholic Church’s ad, fighting against what they should have fought against years ago. Let us pray it is not too late.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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