Lila Rose, the founder of Live Action has written a masterpiece on counter-cultural pro-life women. She robustly explains what it means to truly be a feminist:

We are women who view the intentional killing of children not as a constitutional right, a matter of privacy or a necessary evil but, rather, as profoundly anti-woman and the antithesis of love.

We are women whose lives contradict the idea of an inevitable clash between religious liberty and women’s health. We are women who believe that something precious is lost when fertility is intentionally excluded from marriage, a sacred bond and a total giving of each spouse to the other.

We are women who believe that sex and pregnancy aren’t just health issues; they are also inextricably linked with family, morals, faith and values. And we are women who love everything about being a woman, including being mothers.

She concludes her op-ed with this:

We don’t wish to take the country back in time; rather, we aspire to move it forward, beyond a time when women are treated as objects and pitted against their children and their religious institutions — and toward a time when truly emancipated women embrace their intrinsic dignity and, with it, their authentic womanhood.

Like Tina Korbe over at Hot Air stated, I used to cringe at the word feminist. But then I attended a pro-life benefit dinner whose keynote speaker was from Feminists for Life. She helped me to better understand that to be pro-life is to be pro-woman. We believe that women are strong enough to be mothers. We believe that women do not have to choose between her life and her baby’s life. That she is capable enough to have both. The left says we are oppressed and enslaved by archaic thinking. But it is, in fact, they who are enslaved by their absolutes of sex, contraception and abortion on demand.

We are pro-life. We are pro-women. And we aren’t going anywhere.

takkat | @kberbel
"She could never be a saint, but she thought she could be a martyr if they killed her quick." ~Flannery O'Connor