Obama ends his *gas price misery tour* at OSU


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Late this afternoon President Obama ended a two day campaign tour of Oklahoma, Nevada and New Mexico with a visit to the campus of the largest university in the country: OSU. The focus of these campaign stops was his energy policy, or should we say lack thereof, and to address the frustrations of the American public with the rising cost of gasoline.

So how can Obama discuss his *energy policy* when he admitted himself he doesn’t have one?

Our energy policy still is just a hodgepodge, and for all the progress we’ve made, we’re not where we need to be in making sure that this is an energy-efficient economy that is running on all cylinders.

Good question. In anticipation of these visits Crossroads GPS and the RNC targeted the audience in these states with ads on Obama’s failed energy policies. The Crossroads ad is below:

The ad urges viewers to contact the White House and Congress to advocate for the passage of a market-driven energy policy free from Obama’s government subsidies and interference.

“Instead of delivering practical solutions to make energy more affordable, President Obama is pursuing restrictive and naïve policies that are hurting families at the pump and in their utility bills,” said Crossroads GPS president Steven Law. “There are plenty of supply-boosting solutions Obama could adopt immediately, but he remains obsessed with impractical sideshows like algae and Solyndra business schemes.”

The RNC ad is below:

So what did Obama have to say at OSU? The same ole, same ole rhetoric:

“We’ve added enough oil and gas pipelines to circle the entire earth – and then some,” Obama told a student-heavy crowd of about 2,600 at OSU’s Recreation and Physical Activity Center. “The problem is not that we’re not drilling or that we’re not producing enough oil.” [emphasis mine].

The problem is Sir, since taking office you have taken aggressive steps to limit domestic fossil fuel production including nixing the Keystone Pipeline Project and placing a 5-year moratorium on off-shore drilling. You state you favor a mix of oil, natural gas, wind and solar to keep the U.S. off the dependency of foreign oil but your memory must be short because it seems you have already forgotten about the Solyndra and other solar companies debacles.

“The bigger question is: ‘How can we make sure the spike in gas prices doesn’t keep happening?’ Because we’ve seen this movie before.”

The answer Sir, is to open up drilling and approve the Keystone Pipeline Project. That would be a great start.

Obama also took a little jab at a Republican presidential contender without naming names, but his target was clear:

“Politicians start dusting off their plans for $2 gas, although this year they decided it was going to be $2.50,” Obama said. “I don’t know where they get that number. It could have been $2.40 … It could have been $2.10.

He also made fun of Republicans calling them “the Flat Earth Society”:

The president criticized Republicans because they “make fun” of alternative energy programs, such as biofuels, and he repeated a joke from last week: If the Republicans had been around in Christopher Columbus’ time, they would have been founding members of the Flat Earth Society.

Ohio Republican Party spokesman Chris Maloney said Obama’s policies are:

“long on rhetoric and short on actual substance.” Maloney called on Obama to urge senior Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown “and the Democrat-controlled Senate to act immediately on the bipartisan, House-passed energy bills championed by Speaker John Boehner,”

FYI this is Obama’s 19th visit to Ohio since taking office and the second in less than 10 days. The only video I have found so far is one of him addressing a heckler who was asking him to read his book, (too bad not a protest heckling) but some how I doubt most would be interested in hearing the 20 minute speech in its entirety anyhow.

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March 22, 2012 11:00 pm

Get thee behind me, Obama

Lady Penguin
March 23, 2012 7:50 am

I’m astounded when I hear his speech comments. First of all, he sounds like he is talking to first graders. Second, he sounds incoherent, in fact, his whole energy policy sounds incoherent. Deliberately so? And so many people are fooled by such pathological lying? This goes way beyond political speech. No person of average intelligence can possibly buy the idea that we’re without adequate natural resources, or 2) that we can’t get them in a timely manner. The man despises America, and how sad that Americans buy his bilge.