Senate Finance Committee sends letter to IRS demanding answers to their assault on the Tea Party


Please see this article, this article and this article for background information. Please also read Breitbart’s article on #OWS using the cover of SEIU to obtain their tax exempt status. H/t Civil_Truth.

Many have said in recent weeks that the Tea Party is on “life support.” Many have even gone as far as to say the Tea Party is “dead.” To the contrary the Tea Party is very much alive and within a period of only one month has asserted itself against the threats of the IRS to harass and intimidate them. What started out as a project with about a half a dozen people has now morphed into a nationwide effort to push back the IRS and their demands.

The latest accomplishment has come as a letter from the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance to IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman asking him to provide answers to key questions about the perceived intrusion and irregular questions demanded of Tea Parties applying for tax exempt status. Excerpted below:

A number of our constituents have raised concerns that the recent IRS inquiries sent to civic organizations exceed the scope of the typical disclosures required under IRS Form 1024 and accompanying Schedule B—the forms that all 501(c)(4) organizations must submit. Understandably, this has prompted some concerns about selective enforcement and the duty to treat similarly situated taxpayers similarly. To address these concerns, we respectfully request that you provide answers to the following questions: [author’s note, there are 8 questions asked of Shulman].

The letter is signed by Senators Hatch, Portman, McConnell, Paul, Grassley, Alexander, Corker, Cornyn, Roberts, Hutchison, Kyl and Thune. This letter comes of the heels of a letter to Rep. Darrell Issa, from Jamie Radtke, President Emeritus of the Richmond Tea Party asking for a Issa’s Oversight Committee to begin investigations. Also sending a letter to Chairman Issa was Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX) calling for an investigation and another letter to IRS Chairman Shulman from Rep. Charles Boustany for the same request.

Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Liberty Council released this presser today in which he stated, excerpted below:

“We welcome this support from Republican Senators in our efforts to protect and defend the Constitutional rights of our organization and of our member organizations. We are particularly appreciative of the request in their letter for the IRS to produce “any correspondence between the IRS employees, or between or among the IRS, the Department of Treasury, and the White House” concerning requests for donor information that conflicts with standing IRS Policy. They further asked the IRS to provide copies of all IRS inquires sent to, and responses received from, Priorities USA a left leaning 501(c)4 organization. These are prudent and important questions that needed to be asked and to be answered. We look forward to reading these documents.”

Jay Sekulow’s ACLJ will be offering pro bono representation for any Tea Party or liberty group which has received letters from the IRS demanding information which may be in violation of 1st Amendment rights. Any affected Tea Party may sign up for legal assistance on this contact page.

We now have both houses of Congress involved as well as a widely known legal justice organization. What can the rest of us do to assist? Spread the word and call the Congressmen involved to thank them for this effort. Congressional contact information can be found here. We would also ask each and everyone to go to the ACLJ website and sign the petition (upper right hand corner on home page) to “Stop the IRS from Silencing the Tea Party.”

Please be aware that has been sending blast emails asking for donations for this “cause.” They have also been sending blast emails “offering legal assistance from their attorneys at a substantial discount.” The ACLJ is the only OFFICIAL organization involved with this effort and the larger Tea Parties in the next few days will be notifying their members of this.

We still have a long road to haul, but we certainly have made a lot of progress in a short amount of time.

Long live the Tea Party!!

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March 14, 2012 7:05 pm

How many individual Tea Party members from the ‘hit’ orgs and others not yet ‘said hi to’ will get audited this year as opposed to previous times ?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Might be an idea to get Mr. Sekulow to keep a list somewhere in his back pocket.

Kenny Solomon
Safety On Firearms Training Inc.

NRA Certified Instructor
ID# 158279442

March 15, 2012 12:41 pm

Oh yea, a sternly worded letter! Bitch McConnell has the Obama Administration and the IRS on the ropes with that! Next Issa will start an investigation, oooohhh! They’re scared now.

March 20, 2012 3:44 pm

Big story LIO, question is how to make it bigger.