Mississippi Surprise!


Yesterday Rick Santorum surprised everyone in the Democrat Media Complex when he surpassed his polling by nearly 10% and won both the Mississippi and Alabama primaries.

There is a ton of hostility among Republican brainiacs towards Santorum because he is either (a) judgemental and sanctimonious or (b) naively wears his heart on his sleeve, depending on how they interpret his manner. Republican brainiacs also have a natural affinity for Newt Gingrich, the brainiest candidate left in the GOP primaries, and for Mitt Romney, the technocrat without parallel. But despite my affinity for brainiac stuff like weird television, surreal movies, and unreliable narrators in fiction, yesterday I voted for Santorum for the most brainiac of reasons: He has the strongest affinity with Republican principles and values and will run the toughest race against Obama.

It boils down to the three-legged-stool of Conservative Republican politics: Social; Military; and Fiscal Conservatism.

  1. Of the three non-Paul candidates left he has the greatest claim to social conservatives. Republicans cannot win without them, and I’m afraid too many social cons would sit out the race if Mittens or Newt got the nomination. He has been married to the same wife his whole adult life. He has lots of kids. He is strongly anti-abortion. He has a special needs child and personal stories of tragedy in his own life. Like Sarah Palin, he can talk the talk and walk the walk of social conservatism.
  2. He is outspoken in placing the blame for terrorism on jihadism and radical Islam. All three non-Paul candidates are about equal here. None of them are war heroes or specialists on foreign policy, nor have any been contaminated by voting for bad bills in the last five or so years. On the military side he is pretty darn hawkish, perhaps more so than any of his rivals.
  3. Santorum has been telling the story of manufacturing at every whistle stop. We need to bring manufacturing back to America. This is a necessary story to win the votes of working class Americans who have been put out of work and still don’t trust Republicans after having been betrayed by Republican go-along to get-along reach across the aisle bs for the last 50 years. Nixon, after all, created the EPA. Santorum is selling hope about jobs and manufacturing: Real Jobs, not just those over-educated management and analysis NAFTA-leftover jobs that our idiots in government have been pushing like Mexican heroin. The only work that creates real wealth is in manufacturing, mining, and farming. That is all. Every other kind of business just shuffles the wealth around. If America reinvigorates manufacturing, mining, and farming there will be plenty of jobs for every American, whether or not they have an overpriced college degree in left-wing propaganda studies. If America cannot encourage wealth creating businesses then America will death spiral until it’s a tourist trap lousy with roadside museums and shabby chic bed and breakfasts, catering to Chinese and Indian tourists, with every taxicab driven by a PHD in semiotics.
    Not even Ron Paul is pushing that story. That is the story of real hope and change that Obama cannot defend against. Obama just has his hippy dippy trippy commie bogus jobs in consulting and management and government or working in electric power plants fueled by unicorn farts and pixie dust. Does anyone really think the envirocommies will let us use battery powered cars once the toxic earth content of those batteries is the subject of an expose on 60 Minutes?

Santorum still bugs me some ways. His vocal tone grates. He is reflexively defensive about religious matters. Why can’t he just challenge those who accuse him of wanting to establish an American Taliban with the simple question: “Should all of us, including me, have a right to believe and practice our own religion or not”? Too often, his reflexes are to look to government for the solution, and he has been quoted as opposing the Tea Parties. He began public life as a pro-choice moderate, and had a conversion based on a serious consideration of the issues. He endorsed Spector over Toomey in 2004, and made various unsavory votes in the Senate. He makes as many verbal gaffes as any of the other candidates (admit it, they are all tired from the campaign trail, just like Obama). He hasn’t mastered the art of verbal jujitsu that would allow him to turn media attacks back on Democrat Media questioners. But he seems increasingly presidential as the campaign wears on. And if anyone has Santormentum, it’s Rick.

I would have rather seen the other Rick get the nomination. But I didn’t hesitate to press the button for Santorum when I voted in the Mississippi primary yesterday. Like it or not, we have to vote for the best and most complete conservative who can defeat Obama. And to me that is Santorum.

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March 14, 2012 5:08 pm

While I still believe that Newt’s ability to change the dynamics of an intervivew and/or debate make him the most formidable candidate, I won’t despair if Santorum wins the nomination as I feel he is *vastly* superior to what Romney brings to the game and can take blue collar Dems away from Obama which Romney doesn’t have a prayer of doing.

I just hope that Rick learns to think before he speaks sometimes because while the MFM will find any excuse to attack a conservative, Rick has the habit of loading the gun and cocking it for them.

March 14, 2012 5:15 pm

The manufacturing angle cannot be overstated. In a nation with 310 million people, and a territory comprising an area of the majority of a large continent, with natural resources in abundant supply, it is absolutely ludicrous that our nation’s movers and shakers, of whichever party, have allowed our manufacturing might to dissipate so grossly. Fueled (pun intended) by radical environmentalism, the waning of America can be in many ways attributable to a nonsensical ethos of not using what God intended man to use.

Lady Penguin
March 15, 2012 8:50 am

While Newt is my preference, I can accept Santorum, especially if he is smart enough to choose good advisers if he gets the nod. Romney represents to me all that is wrong with the Republican Party, and he is part of the elitist “ruling class.”

Again, this is the primary and we must all step up to the plate in November. 🙂

March 15, 2012 12:50 pm

Well done beaglescout! Do you think we can revive manufacturing in America despite the existance of Unions? It was Unions and their over-paid, over-benefited members who drove manufacturing out of America. Being paid $78 an hour while your pakistani competition is paid $.09 isn’t going to work.

civil truth
March 15, 2012 1:52 pm

It’s the big industry manufacturing that got driven out by high union costs. We still have small specialty manufacturing where technology gives us an advantage that is quite viable. The need is to get the suffocating hand of government off their throats.

March 15, 2012 3:39 pm

There are a couple of ways around the union issue. Obviously, the first is RTW. But locally Caterpillar used another way a few years back. No, not shipping jobs elsewhere (although they’ve done that also) but actually breaking the local during a dispute. It may have faded from memory and/or not been a national story at the time, but during the last serious UAW go-round, Cat presented their last, best offer and stood pat. A strike followed, management and replacement workers took up production, and after about a year, the union caved and Cat pretty much got what it wanted.… Read more »