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Kony The Movie: Leftwing Political Agitprop

By now, many people have seen “Kony” or have read a write up on him. Our President sent 100 U.S. Soldiers To Track Him Down. Interestingly enough, when you delve deeper into the politics of this video, you’ll find leftwingers agitating to influence U.S. elections. I know you’ll ask what does an African warlord who has the influence of a gnat, have to do with our elections? Then you’ll limp along to the conclusion that the movie and the backers are leftwing political agitprop. The first thing you should know is that the makers received 13.8M dollars of which they rewarded themselves generously with a 8.9M reward equaling “salaries” etc., so called overhead. What you will frequently find as you pull back the layers of leftwing documentaries, is that they are not using the money you gave them for the people they front in the documentary, that is for you hardworking taxpayers to do. Hollywood, Democrats and the MSM are always working together trying to convince you that if you just send them money, you can save the world. This ploy is getting too old and obvious. I personally didn’t even watch the video, I knew by the media’s reaction that it was not all it was meant to be, and it turns out, I was right.

How will they attempt to use their donations to effect an election in the United States? Hollywood, Rihanna And The Media Wing Of The Democrat

Wherever you land in the debate over the organization’s tactics and the film’s accuracy, “Kony 2012” is undeniably a social media phenomenon made possible by support from celebrities encouraged to get involved by their young fans. Even CNN’s Piers Morgan admitted he first heard about the movement from his 14-year-old son.

As of press time, Invisible Children has nearly 3 million likes on Facebook, and the question remains: What’s next for this enormous group of engaged and active young people when so many of their peers are apathetic? Jenkins said the group is considering participating in a voter-registration drive as the 2012 election approaches. But he admitted that first he and his colleagues have to get caught up.

“We couldn’t have ever, ever imagined that this would be the fastest viral movement in history,” he said. “We are dealing with an unprecedented amount of attention. It’s a huge amount of responsibility. It’s exhausting. We’re excited for the challenge, but it’s intimidating too.”

Once again, there is more then meets the eye behind the left’s engineering of pity and concern that most human beings have. They never let a crisis go to waste, they are always working to destroy the west through their agitprop. I suggest you never take anything you see put out by the Democrat Media Complex as truth, it usually is a big fat lie. I would like to remind you again, that the leftwing backers will be using donation dollars to reward themselves handsomely while using none of it for the stated purpose of removing Kony from the jungles where he has been forced into hiding. Save Your Money For Your Family, You Will Need It More When The Left Is Done With The World.

In the fiscal year ending June 2011, Invisible Children garnered nearly $13.8 million in revenue. However, the group spent about $8.9 million in 2011 on expenses, including compensation for the group’s highest-ranking officials and budgeting the production of the group’s films.

So, in reality, only about 32 percent of the group’s money goes toward charity. According to CharityWatch, another charity watchdog, donating 60 percent of your revenue to your cause is “satisfactory,” whereas donating 75 percent of your revenue is considered “highly efficient.”

This begs the question: Where is the money you’re giving them going? If you indeed paid $40 for the now-sold-out action kit and bracelet, and assuming the group’s spending habits hold true, fewer than $13 of your money will be going toward the campaign to stop Kony in Uganda.

The rest of that money would presumably be going to the group’s executives – CEO Ben Keesey made $88,241 in 2001, while co-founders Jason Russell and Laren Poole made $89,669 and $84,377, respectively – and making shiny YouTube videos.

That’s not all.

Many folks familiar with Uganda have spoken out about the campaign.

There is also speculation that Kony is no longer in Uganda, which raises a problem as Invisible Children’s money is going to the Ugandan army, which has teamed up with U.S. military advisers to find him.

Putting up posters, liking a Facebook status and using the “#stopkony” hashtag won’t do much, in all reality. This is a much more sophisticated issue than it seems. The Ugandan army is weak and obviously has never had the power to mount a legitimate effort against Kony in the decades-long battle with the LRA.

And how do you plan on fighting a man who enlists child soldiers? If it comes down to a military battle, children are surely likely to be injured and killed.

It might be trendy to tweet about and I’m sure everyone feels better about themselves for spreading awareness, but the reality of it is millions of people are being brainwashed by a video with a cute kid and sparkling production value that highly oversimplifies matters.

Oversimplified? The Lantern is too kind, the brainwashing is not simple at all, the theft of dollars to pay “overhead” is an atrocity. The bottom line? Never, ever, believe what you see until you check it all out on the internet. Second bottom line? Never, ever believe the first 5-10 links on the internet, look further, especially when the media wing of the leftist Party is all in.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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