Governor Perry, Lock and Load. Target: Holder’s Injustice Department


Eric Holder and Obama are messing with Texas . . . again. They have to. They just can’t have a Red state shining so brightly. Eric Holder and the Justice Department have knocked down the Texas Voter ID Law, passed last May. It may be safe for the dead to vote at least in one more election. Justice, Holder style.

You can’t get a library card without an ID but show up with a wink and a nod and you can vote Democrat in Texas. Hell, every Jose in Hidalgo who can swim, can vote. No disrespect intended, just in case my son-in-law, Jose, might be looking in.

Associated Press
A photo ID requirement for voters in Texas could disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of registered Hispanics, the Justice Department declared Monday in its latest move against Republican-led voting changes in many states that have drawn protests from minorities, poor people and students.

The Justice objection means that now a federal court in Washington will decide whether Texas, as well as South Carolina, will be allowed to enforce its new voter photo ID requirements. Justice’s move merely blocked a Texas law until the court rules.

Other states have similar laws and more are moving toward them as advocates portray the restrictions as needed to combat voter fraud.

The Justice Department conveyed its objection in a letter to Texas officials that was also filed in the U.S. District Court case in Washington between Texas and the department. Justice said Hispanic voters in Texas are at least 50 percent more likely and possibly more than twice as likely as non-Hispanic voters to lack a driver’s license or a personal state-issued photo ID, which the Texas law requires.


Well, shoot, isn’t life a beach? It’s so hard to get an ID. I can’t even imagine a reason Hispanics wouldn’t have an ID or drivers license. Whatever could it be?

The Justice Department and lefty operative pals insult Hispanics by saying they can not find a way to get a proper ID. It’s more of the same government plantation soft bigotry that Democrats seek to use to their electoral advantage. It may be news to Eric Holder but Hispanics support Voter ID.

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Texas native. Conservative small businessman with 31 years experience. Government should roll back the nanny state. No country can tax its way to prosperity. The question isn't who will let me but who will stop me?
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Texas native. Conservative small businessman with 31 years experience. Government should roll back the nanny state. No country can tax its way to prosperity. The question isn't who will let me but who will stop me?

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Lady Penguin
March 13, 2012 5:40 pm

You’re right, you can’t even get a library card, cash a check (even without an account) or any number of government services, so why should a person cry that they can’t vote because they don’t have an ID? Strictly to pull off illegal voting. Multiple voting, voting out of state (students) and then in home state, the dead voting or people who have no right to vote in a U.S. election. Almost the entire voter base the Dems worry would be disenfranchised receive some form of government aid…they can’t get it without ID. The plan is, as it has always… Read more »

March 13, 2012 7:17 pm

5’s on the needing an ID to get government aid point Lady P.
I live in TN and we have voter ID laws here and I believe there are multiple other states which require it as well. I see why they are picking on Texas which continues to show them up on all fronts, but why SC?

March 13, 2012 7:21 pm

when we moved to TN my daughter had to produce a RAISED SEAL birth certificate to REGISTER HER CAR here simply because it was leased. Just let that idea of a raised seal birth certificate to register a car percolate through your minds for a bit.

E Pluribus Unum
March 13, 2012 8:53 pm

One very high-ranking criterion of mine for who I want to become president, and also for who I want in the House to just walk up and take Boehner’s chair in January 2013 is this: . Will he have the courage, the willpower, and the moral sense of justice to launch and sustain the investigations that will end up putting Holder, his entire Justice dept leadership team, and a good many czars and cabinet members in prison for the crimes they are committing right now? . America needs justice, and that means putting these evil people in prison. They don’t… Read more »

March 14, 2012 5:07 pm

Burke can answer to this, if this has changed in MN. But there as long as you have someone “vouch” for you, that you are who you say, you can vote. In Ohio we have the opposite problem. We have voter an ID requirement but the Dems & libs want that abolished.