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The Democrat Media Complex: MSNBC – NBC Edition

For all the teeth gnashing and spittle that flies from the mouth of Soladad O’Brien in defense of her beloved Professor Derrick Bell, the truth is CNN is as much a shill of the Democrat/Progressive Party as MSNBC is, they are just still attempting to hide it. You see what MSNBC did is put out for full view that which they believe in , the progressive way. The progressive way would be all of the jackbooted ideologies of the past rolled into one controlling ideology of progressivism. I do not pretend that they are somehow only totalitarian because they have quite a splash of fascism in them along with communism, so I call the sickness progressivism. It will destroy this great country and it has no doubt brought her to her knees, so to point out the snakes, I hope along with many others to have them slither back into the dark where they belong.

When MSNBC decided to give Al racebaiter Sharpton the reigns of the network to rally against voter id, NBC Universal said to America, we are the media conglomerate of the left.

Though opinionated hosts are normal, it is not considered common practice for cable news networks to go this far–and practically host political rallies.

When Glenn Beck, for instance, held his major (non-political) rally on the National Mall a couple years, attracting hundreds of thousands, Fox News, his then employer, actively distanced itself from their employee. “[I]t appears Fox News as a whole and certain elements within Fox News are actively trying to distance themselves from the event,” Mediatite reported at the time.

They didn’t “practically” hold a political rally, they absolutely did, you be the judge or take my word for it. The bottom line is that since 2008 these disgusting parasites on the body politic of America have been roaming up top in the light of day, it is our JOB to push them back into the depth of hell.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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