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Andrew Brietbart: Conservatism’s Folk Hero

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It can take generations before someone is “declared” a folk hero – with the hindsight of history to help guide them. There will be no need for that for this generation because Andrew Breitbart is that folk hero.

“We have an obligation to fight back!”

Last night, I attended Andrew Breitbart’s memorial service held here in Washington, DC. It was sponsored by Americans For Tax Reform. It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking as many lauded Mr. Andrew Breitbart. The biggest overall impression was that Breitbart protected those who were defenseless against onslaughts by the Democrat Media Complex. It was Mr. Breitbart who coined the phrase that is so on point as the media wing of the Democrat Party assaults any and all who disagree with their progressive world view. The person who immediately broke my heart was Anita Moncrief. Ms. Moncrief was a whistleblower on ACORN and she was attacked from all corners of the leftist media for trying to bring down one of their golden calves. She was sued for 5M dollars in an attempt to silence her, then Andrew entered the picture and threw his protective cloak around her. In the end, ACORN was taken down (make no mistake they have regenerated), and Ms. Moncrief had the lawsuit against her dropped. Ms. Moncrief was but one of those Andrew covered in safety; another young man that Andrew brought into his “cocoon” of love was Brandon Darby. Brandon Darby helped save lives by outing bombers who intended to harm our GOP brethren at the GOP Convention in 2008.

Last month, New York Times reporter James C. McKinley Jr. falsely reported that an FBI informant who helped to thwart a left-wing terrorist plot had actually encouraged the conspiracy. In the article “Anarchist Ties Seen in ’08 Bombing of Texas Governor’s Mansion” published February 22, 2011 online and in the print edition a day later, the Times indicated that former left-wing activist and contributor Brandon Darby urged two anarchists to firebomb the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota [emphasis added]:

Yet federal agents accused two men from these circles of plotting to make firebombs and hurl them at police cars during the convention. An F.B.I informant from Austin, Brandon Darby, was traveling with the group and told the authorities of the plot, which he had encouraged.

We brought this to your attention on February 24th when we asked the Times to correct the record. We noted that according to the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota, the assertion Darby “encouraged” the plot was patently false. On February 27th, we brought in Matthew Vadum, an expert on the circumstances surrounding the plot, to provide broader context to the Times’s smear.

Still, the error remained uncorrected.

Then, last week, a source informed that the New York Times reporter acknowledged the charge they published against Darby was in fact bogus, but still, the Times did not correct the article.

As of this writing, the false charge against Darby remains in tact.

Mr. Darby was being attacked by the Democrat media complex and Andrew Breitbart did what a protector does – he brought Mr. Darby support and took those arrows for him. Mr. Darby is devastated by the loss of his friend and mentor. I certainly pray for Ms. Moncrief and Mr. Darby as they seek solace in the safe arms of the Bigs. These “Bigs” are going to continue to redefine how you get your news…they will remain factual and truthful. I look forward to seeing the radical tapes Breitbart had prepared on Barack Obama. All of us must keep the faith and continue the fight that Andrew essentially devoted and gave his life for. You see, something I have come to realize along the way is that it is not conservatives against progressives, it is Americans against the totalitarians. If America is to survive another generation for our children, it has to be We The People, Americans, who win this fight.

This is a picture of Glenn Reynolds, and his wife Dr. Helen, doing their PJTV Report of the memorial. It was a present to me to be able to meet him as I read his site probably 20 times a day and yet, under the circumstances, such a terrible way to finally meet him.

The lovely memorial picture that greeted us at the door

Ms. Moncrief giving her stirring and heartbreaking thanks to Andrew Breitbart. Again, this and Mr. Darby’s were the most devastating and yet uplifting all at the same time, which is a lot for one’s heart to take

The room was small and yet at the end there was probably 150-175 people in attendance. and I believe that Mr. Andrew Breitbart would have approved! The spirit of Andrew lives on.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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  1. Whole lotta politicians owe a whole lot to the people you write about here, Jaded, but will never admit it. Instead they will make campaign ads about how they themselves are so brave in going to Washington to fight for us.

  1. Whole lotta politicians owe a whole lot to the people you write about here, Jaded, but will never admit it. Instead they will make campaign ads about how they themselves are so brave in going to Washington to fight for us.

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