Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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The One Thing Ron Paul Has Always Been RIGHT About

Is the illegality of the the income tax along with the Federal Reserve. He rails against both, and both are illegal. They were never ratified by the States and they are NOT law. We Americans of course are the dupes, and we allow it to continue on. The Federal Government has absolutely no right to any part of your labor, and yet year in and year out more and more of your labor is stolen. They take it and they give it away to those who earn nothing. They have socialized America in front of our faces, suffice it to say Ron Paul is not the only one who has been telling this truth, he is just the one with the loudest pulpit.

I can never agree with Ron Paul on security, and our use of force in the face of murderous regimes and organizations such as Al Qaeda because that genie in the bottle cannot be corked. The fight against the United States government is one area that We The People can win and should win by exercising not only our right to assemble but to vote. When you stay home and you decline to do either you give the liars, the frauds, the thieves the power to continue on. America Freedom To Fascism


These are not new issues, what is new is the internet, what is new is people across America talking to each other, educating each other. If not now when? If not this generation, then there will be no fight left for the next generation. This is not hyperbole this is truth.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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