Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Leave the Light(s) On

Somewhere along about now, this little corner of the blogosphere called Unified Patriots is going to celebrate its first birthday. Like most “inventions,” it was born from the twinkle in a multitude of eyes and that age-old question which begets change: “I wonder what would happen if…”

Well, in this case, the question was “I wonder what would happen if we created a website for Constitutional conservatives where not only were the pressing issues of the day discussed, they were discussed in a civil manner with an eye always on the goal of increasing the number of Constitutional conservatives within the Parties, and, as a result, an ever-increasing number of Constitutional conservatives in State Houses, Governors’ mansions, and in Washington.

As you know, if you’re a frequent visitor/contributor to this site, UP is a labor of love of love: love for our country…love for our Constitution…love for our fellow conservatives. So pretty much everything you see on here is done on a volunteer basis: the writing…the editing…the moderating…even a lot of the design…was and is all done in the ‘spare’ time of those who founded the sites. And those same folks ponied up the bucks to get this little venture off the ground.

And we’re pleased as punch to do so. No one paid the patriots in 1776 to do their duty; we expect no more than they received.

However, there are a few things which love and volunteerism can’t buy: servers, host sites, maintenance of the system, the few shekels that we feel obligated to the wizard behind the curtain who keeps all this working (and trust me, the wizard also serves at but a fraction of his true worth). For those things, we still need cold, hard cash (at least while it still worth something).

So, having looked at the coffers, and put our collective heads together, we’ve come to the conclusion that if we’re going to keep this sucker humming the way we want it, and the way you deserve it, it was finally time to pass the hat around and see how many of ya’ll would be willing to help replenish the piggy bank and allow us to continue our mission of “Electing Constitutional Conservatives.”

‘Cept in our case, it’s not a hat; it’s that little button up there on the upper right-side of the site that says “Donate.” So, if you’re of a mind, and you enjoy dropping by and seeing old (and new friends), and you’ve got a hankerin’ to do so, we’d be most grateful and appreciative if you’d click on that thing and give whatever you find it in your heart to share. And we do promise to be frugal with whatever you entrust to us – parsimonious patriots that we are.

Much obliged!


Constitutional conservative living in the frozen tundra. American first, conservative second, and Precinct Committeeman because I got tired of ColdWarrior hassling me about it (which, btw, led me to being elected as GOP County Chair, to my Congressional District Central Committee and to the state Central Committee). Fervent believer that if we followed the Tenth Amendment more, we'd be hassled by the government a lot less.


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