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At Long Last, Texas Primary on Track. . . Sorta

At long last we have some clarity for the Texas primary. Thanks to Attorney General Greg Abbott for taking the San Antonio three judge panel to the Supreme Court to get their ridiculous map overturned. Never in history has a court dared to redraw a whole map, the whole darn thing, when only a few districts were of concern under the Voter Rights Act. Due to the runaway court (Democrat 2-1), Texas will not be voting On March 3rd as originally scheduled but will vote instead on May 29th.

May 29th presents so many problems regarding the county and state convention process that the Republican Party of Texas has issued special rules for the 2012 primary process. I won’t even begin to try to explain, just go here. The new rules at least provide a way forward for delegates to be chosen.

For patriots who wish to get inside the party and move it toward constitutional governance, under the new rules you have 7 days to file for one of the many vacant precinct chairs. You will need this. Or maybe you just want to be a delegate from your precinct. It is best to contact your County GOP chair on how to proceed. Read more here. See the 2012 Texas Redistricting maps here.

Find out more about the Precinct Project (thanks to UP’s Cold Warrior) here. Working from inside the party is the way to make wayward incumbents sweat.

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