I’ve been sad all day since learning of the death of conservative warrior Andrew Breitbart.

This comes from one of the geniuses (I think) at online video production, Ben Howe, who coincidentally was the one I learned of Breitbart’s death from this morning.

More here from the Franklin Center;

ALEXANDRIA – Today, we mourn the loss of Andrew Breitbart – author, commentator, publisher, and one of the nation’s top citizen journalists – who challenged the establishment media with boldness and ignited a grassroots movement of online activism. His fierce commitment to truth and transparency emboldened everyday citizens to expose bias and corruption in government, regardless of political party or affiliation.

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One columnist, Matt Welch, interviewed Breitbart in 2004, and Andrew said;

“Every day I wake up in the battle about media bias,” he says. “The best analogy I can give to you is this: Have you ever gone to like the Santa Monica Pier, and seen one of those holograms on the wall, and you’re supposed to stare at it for a while, and there’s supposed to be, like, a magical castle in it? Well you look and you look and you can’t see that castle and you can’t see that castle, but eventually your eyes focus in such a way that the castle comes up. And then you can’t not see the castle. That’s how media bias comes to you from the conservative angle.” […]

“Because you ignored us,” Breitbart says, “because you ignored Rush and Drudge and God knows who else, we decided to go out and create our media. And I think that what we’re doing is building up something that may be bigger and better.”

Andrew Breitbart was one of the most amazing men I never met, but hoped one day I’d get the chance to. He took the blind hatred of the left and held it as a mirror in front of him like a warrior holds a shield in combat. They didn’t like the image he showed them, and it showed in the vitriol they threw his way over the last few years.

Breitbart shot through the sky of the conservative world like a meteor, the light he gave off showing many of us what was possible to accomplish in dealing with radical and entrenched leftists, before burning out last night in the form of a heart attack.

The left today rejoices idiotically, while conservatives mourn the loss of one who made us laugh, while at the same time uncovering the true rot and corruption of the left and their many organizations.

Somehow to me the world seems just a little more empty than it was when I woke up this morning.

Godspeed Andrew. I know you’ll be missed, because you’re missed already.

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