Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war – then bring ’em home


Time for a reckoning in Afghanistan, followed by a homecoming

Barely two months after Joe Biden, with White House approval, announced the Taliban is not our enemy, the Taliban begins proving them all wrong.

KABUL, Afghanistan – A suicide car bomber rammed his vehicle into the gates of a NATO base and airport in eastern Afghanistan on Monday, triggering a blast that killed nine Afghans, officials said. The Taliban claimed the attack was revenge for U.S. troops burning copies of the Koran.

The violent uprising in the streets, while possibly led by the Taliban, is composed of ordinary “peaceful” Muslims;

Of course, these facts may not become widely known, because no one is supposed to mention the main significance of what has happened here. First, as usual, Muslims — not al-Qaeda terrorists, but ordinary, mainstream Muslims — are rioting and murdering over the burning (indeed, the inadvertent burning) of a book. Yes, it’s the Koran, but it’s a book all the same — and one that, moderate Muslims never tire of telling us, doesn’t really mean everything it says anyhow.

Muslim leaders and their leftist apologists are also forever lecturing the United States about “proportionality” in our war-fighting. Yet when it comes to Muslim proportionality, Americans are supposed to shrug meekly and accept the “you burn books, we kill people” law of the jungle. Disgustingly, the Times would inure us to this moral equivalence by rationalizing that “Afghans are fiercely protective of their Islamic faith.” Well then, I guess that makes it all right, huh?

20120227-133930.jpgWhat we’re faced with today after over ten years of fighting the very forces that seek to oppress the people of Afghanistan, are those same people now siding with their oppressors and against us.

The choice? Either pull out and abandon the people of Afghanistan to their choice now, or surge the country one last time, tell the Afghan Army “Here you go, it’s all yours,” then get the hell out.

The first choice any idiot of a leader can do, and a nation tired of war may well back that course of action. The problem with that choice is our forces would likely face an emboldened enemy and possibly many KIA as they retreat toward embarkation points to load out and leave.

Choice number two requires strong leadership, and the wisdom to know who the bad guys really are, rather than reflexively blaming his own troops. In other words, attributes our current Commander in Chief lacks.

Unfortunately we can’t be sure we’ll have a CinC any time in the near future with the strength and courage to match that of the forces he commands. All we can do is hope the one we have will get a clue. I’m not especially confident of that going forward.

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Lady Penguin
February 27, 2012 7:19 pm

Love the picture, Erick. Yes, let’s bring them home and let them descend into civil war. It is clear that nothing the West can do will change things. Right now they’re (Karzai) just using this to deflect from their own domestic problems. I say leave them to it. The tragedy is the incredible price our own soldiers paid to help those people.

February 28, 2012 5:53 am

I knew when Obama decided to “lead from behind” our soldiers lives were expendable, he MUST GO just for this reason alone!

February 28, 2012 6:34 am

I agree with your assessment, Erick. This recent uprising has the smell of the attack and murder of the Cavagnari (British) mission in Kabul in 1879. This proves that Taliban & Friends can put any number of fallahin in the streets when a fuse is conveniently lit. I think we should drop the cordial nation building stuff, and get on with the military mission as best as we can, and cut the thieves in Kabul out. No more Mr Nice Guy. There was always a way (a longer term way) to steal the people away from the so-called national and… Read more »

February 28, 2012 12:29 pm

And then convene an inquiry into what has happened to the United States Military since Viet Nam – how it has been discredited, disabused, hog-tied, disenfranchised, turned into some kind of ‘peace corps’ and now, thanks to Obama, is about to be whittled down to the size and capability of that of Lichtenstein.

February 29, 2012 1:47 pm

Karzai has made his own bed, let them lie in it. A couple years down the road when the lefties are fussing over the plight of the Afghan people under the thumb of the fundamentalist Taliban oppressors we’ll say, “We could have fixed that but you didn’t want to.” Or in Army terminology, “Eat Sh*t and Die.”

E Pluribus Unum
February 29, 2012 11:17 pm

The mission as it was under Bush had a mandate, had some good ideas, and had goals that in some cases were rational to expect success in. At that point, the cost in American lives was at least worth contemplating. Now, with the surrender monkeys in charge of the game, there is no mission, no mandate, no plan. At this point it is just a meat grinder. Considering that we have 9 more months of the downward spiral, I’d say there was nothing happening now but American lives lost for no good purpose. I say sprint for the Chinooks under… Read more »