When you constantly, reflexively vote for Democrats, THIS is what you get


Oh. My. God.

The show should be called “Out-of-Control America”.

Ask John Stossel, I’m watching a show called “Illegal Everything” on Fox right now, and some of the crap required blows me away;

It made me want to try to jump through the legal hoops required to open a simple lemonade stand in New York City. Here’s some of what one has to do:

1)Register as sole proprietor with the County Clerk’s Office (must be done in person)

2)Apply to the IRS for an Employer Identification Number

3)Complete 15-hrFood Protection Course!

4)After the course, register for an exam that takes 1 hr. You must score 70% to pass. (Sample question: “What toxins are associated with the puffer fish?”) If you pass, allow 3-5 weeks for delivery of Food Protection Certificate.

5)Register for sales tax Certificate of Authority

6)Apply for a Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit. Must bring copies of the previous documents and completed forms to the Consumer Affairs Licensing Center.

Then, at least 21 days before opening your establishment, you must:

Arrange for an inspection with the Health Department’s Bureau of Food Safety and Community Sanitation. It takes about 3 weeks to get your appointment. If you pass, you can set up a business once you:

-Buy a portable fire extinguisher from a company certified by the FDNY and set up a contract for waste disposal.

We couldn’t finish the process. Had we been able to schedule our health inspection and open my stand legally, it would have taken us 65 days.


He goes beyond just lemonade, describing what the EPA did to destroy the lives of one family in Idaho who after obtaining the proper local permits built a house on land they owned. A drainage culvert was blocked downstream on their property, so the husband rented an excavator to unplug the downed trees and debris and allow the drain to function properly.

Oops, that blocked drain created a “wetland”, and by unblocking it, they were then criminals. Unbelievable.

The Pacific Legal Foundation took on their case, a heartbreaker;

I say you get this when you vote for Democrats? Include liberal Republicans as well.


The story of the Sackett’s I included above was actually another similar story to the one of Jack and Jill Barron that was told by Stossel;

NORDMAN — Jack Barron has something in common with Mike Sackett.
Both Bonner County landowners are tangling with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over wetlands and development of their respective homes near Priest Lake.

But Barron has the distinction of being put through the wringer of federal criminal proceedings over the dispute. He was indicted in 2009 by a federal grand jury on charges of placing fill in wetlands and an unnamed tributary on his land near Lamb Creek.

Barron, 66, was fingerprinted and processed through the U.S. District Courts’ pretrial services system, which imposed probation-like conditions while his case was pending.

Jurors who heard the case against Barron, however, acquitted him after an eight-day trial in 2010.
It was no small feat given that federal criminal conviction rates reach 90 percent in some jurisdictions and the government has vastly deeper pool of funding to draw from in a court case.

Barron figured it was over and he could resume developing his retirement home with his wife, Jill. But about a month after the verdict, Barron received a letter from EPA reminding him he was still subject to a compliance order requiring him to restore the wetlands he disturbed.

“It was like it never happened,” Barron said of the acquittal in the criminal case.

They were acquitted and the EPA still wasn’t done with them.

Read the rest of their story.

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February 25, 2012 11:39 pm

Not on the same scale as this one. But EPA is after my Honda for *emissions testing.* Second request. Try and come and take it EPA.

February 26, 2012 9:02 am

My husband and I watched this and said without a doubt the next Republican President MUST, MUST, MUST remove the EPA from existence, they have well overstepped any “mandate” they have been given. They have become the enemies of American citizens!

February 26, 2012 9:57 pm


If you have a catalytic converter, the ethanol in gasoline eats the palladium and will cause your vehicle not to pass smog. Replace the converter and run some fuel injector cleaner through the fuel system. It will then pass with flying colors.

With as many super fund sites that have not been cleaned up and that they received funding for, I’d be firing them too.

E Pluribus Unum
February 26, 2012 11:42 pm

Remember what became Rick Perry’s theme? I mean, after FNC and the rest of the “conservative” press decided that nothing he did or said would get reported? He said (paraphrased) that if elected, he pledged to make Washington, DC as inconsequential in your life as possible. Whichever less worthy Republican ends up becoming the next president in 2013 should assign Perry as Director of the EPA for 6 months, so he can dismantle it. And then Treasury Secretary for 6 months so he can dismantle the enforcement arm of the IRS. Then Secretary of the Interior for 6 months and… Read more »