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Union Label Thieves Or The Volunteer Label Angels?

When your city or locality is suffering, or personally for me when its not, having your citizens volunteer their precious time is a gift. It appears unfortunately that unions are ticked off that someone would do for free what they expect to be paid a kings ransom for. I believe that the union label will forever be mocked for the criminal class they have deigned themselves to become. They make Tony Soprano look like the neighborhood ice cream man by comparison. The union leadership across this great nation have no more sense of community, then the neighborhood dog has. They do nothing for anyone except themselves, they destroy whole swaths of America with their greedy demands for more, more, more Wisconsin Showed The Barbarity Of Today’s Unions, This Story Puts The Period On It

Matthews says begging for volunteers is not beneath him. And to his surprise, he usually gets them. Once signed up, they do a variety of tasks, including construction work for low-income housing, painting over gang graffiti and keeping senior centers from having to close their doors.

Mary Lizotte, 74, volunteers eight hours a week at a senior center, where the paid staff has been trimmed to just three employees.

“We’ve been faced with cuts in the budget and threatened to be closed down a couple of days a week,” Lizotte said. “It’s not only good for them, it’s good for us volunteers.” The center is able to stay open seven days a week with volunteers doing everything from clerical work to preparing and serving the food.

According to a Volunteering in America study, last year 63 million Americans volunteered more than eight billion hours. When you calculate average wages and benefits for city employees, local governments saved $173 billion.

In many places churches are leading the way. “We’re at a time when, as citizens we need to be giving ourselves away freely to serve our communities,” says Dave Edler, pastor at Yakima’s Foursquare Church which held a park cleanup with several hundred volunteers recently.

But not everyone is thrilled about the civic spirit. Some unions are pushing back, fearing volunteers are cutting into their territory. “They’re eroding the number of hours for our people,” says Ian Gordon of Laborer’s Union 1239 in Seattle. “It’s of great concern that they might be doing further work that we would normally do.”

Gordon’s union represent 900 city employees, nearly half of them maintenance workers in the Parks Department, which cut staff by 14 percent. He’s met with city officials over the volunteer issue and insisted on a significant roadblock. Volunteers are not allowed to drive work trucks or use power equipment of any kind. No lawnmowers, no weed whackers, no leaf blowers.

Len Gilroy of the Reason Institute says it’s about protecting their turf. “Unions see a threat to jobs and lavish benefits that they’ve secured for their employees,” says Gilroy.

Ian Gordon won’t dispute that. “I need to be concerned about our people, who have lives, families and who need to make a living wage,” says Gordon.

Mr. Gordon’s living wage is a lie, the wages and benefits that unions require, neigh they DEMAND put them in the gangster category and removes them from consideration when cities are having to tighten their belts. You see unlike the federal unions whose leader Barack Obama just prints off more dollars thereby negating the value of a dollar in the states, the local unions cannot have Governor’s printing worthless currency.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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