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South Korean’s Shocked At The Degradation Of Philadelphia

I am shocked that they are shocked, honestly, because anyone who knows anything about American politics must realize that wherever Democrats are allowed to run free with legislation, they destroy that which they control.  Too many people don’t realize that South Korea can live an imagined “panacea” of a lifestyle due to the very real dollars we spend saving their Country from the North Koreans. You see, countries around the world, including Canada to the north of us, are able to maintain a small military, simply because we provide their protection from the real evil in the world.

These countries have allowed themselves to become semi-socialist countries because of the small amount they have to spend on the protection of their own societies. What that has wrought, unfortunately, is a bunch of ignorant Democrats who somehow believe that America can, in turn, be socialist like those countries and spend as if there is no military spending in America. What is even worse is when the ignorance turns to outright stupidity and they cut the military and leave us open to the evil that has its sights set on America to take us down. I Believe Its Time To Bring Home Our Troops From South Korea.

Cruising the city in their silver Honda Odyssey van, a trio of South Korean journalists looked around Camden in awe.

The poverty. The abandonment. The open-air drug markets.

“In Seoul, because it’s the capital, we have some crime. But we do not have this kind of serious crime,” said Yurie Kim, Washington-based coordinator for the Korean Broadcasting System, the largest South Korean television network.

The group was in Camden this week to tape a 50-minute documentary on the effect of the economic downturn in the United States.

Camden, 7,000 miles from their homeland, came to the group’s attention a year ago when the impoverished city of 77,000 cut its budget so deeply that its library system was eliminated. Then came massive layoffs of municipal workers – 168 police officers, 67 firefighters, and 113 other employees.

Camden Mayor Dana L. Redd acquired state and federal funding to rehire more than 100 public safety personnel. The city has joined the Camden County library system, and though its large downtown library remains closed, the Ferry Avenue branch reopened as part of the county system. A branch on the Rutgers-Camden campus is expected to open this spring.

Camden is doing “a little better,” like the economy, Kim pointed out.

“We researched a lot of news reports” from the United States, she said.

The South Korean economy is heavily influenced by the United States, and most people there keep a close eye on U.S. politics and financial and social issues, said Sungsoo Kim, an accounting professor at Rutgers-Camden School of Business and no relation to Yurie Kim.

“The U.S. is still one of the most important trading partners for South Korea,” Kim said. A documentary about how Camden is recovering from one of the “worst economic situations” could give South Koreans a positive impression of the country’s ability to bounce back, he said.

“The South Korean economic boom was possible in part due to the high quality of education and manpower” of Koreans “trained in the U.S. for the last half-century,” Sungsoo Kim said.

After I read the above story, I became curious to see what the spending was on the different countries we protect around the world, and by so doing allowing them to live a lie about their socialist tendencies, so I looked it up. It is outrageous the amount we spend to protect the same countries who sit in judgment of the USA on a daily basis, because the truth is, if they had to spend the money we spend, they too, would not be able to cover “everyone” for healthcare, etc. Check Out The Spending Of The Countries Around The World, Against Ours

SIPRI Yearbook 2011 - world's top 15 military spenders
The world's top 7 military spenders in 2010.
Figures sourced from the SIPRI Yearbook 2011.
Rank Country Spending ($ Bn.)[1] % of GDP World Share (%)
— World Total 1630 2.6 100
1 United States United States 698 4.8 43.0
2 China Chinay 119 2.1 7.3
3 United Kingdom United Kingdom 59.6 2.7 3.7
4 France France 59.3 2.3 3.6
5 Russia Russiay 58.7 4.0 3.5
6 Japan Japan 54.5 1.0 3.3
7 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabiaz 45.2 10.4 2.8
8 Germany Germanyy 45.2 1.3 2.8
9 India India 41.3 2.7 2.5
10 Italy Italyy 37.0 1.8 2.3
11 Brazil Brazil 33.5 1.6 2.1
12 South Korea South Korea 27.6 2.8 1.7
13 Australia Australia 24.0 2.0 1.5
14 Canada Canaday 22.8 1.5 1.4
15 Turkey Turkeyy 17.5 2.4 1.1

We pay 43% of the world governments’ military expenses, that is insane. I am hardly a Ron Paul isolationist, but there are certainly many, many places around the world where either we can leave, or they can pay for our services, and I mean full freight of our services. Oh, and they can shut the hell up about our Country until they defend themselves.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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