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The Black Community And Progressive Politics #RunawaySlave

I had the special honor of getting tickets to see RunawaySlave down at the E Street Theater and was blown away by the pain and suffering the Democrat Party, under the guise of progressivism, has truly done to the black family. It is no accident that Democrats passed policies that pushed the father out of the family, and became “daddy” to two generations of children. It was done with the cooperation of black ministers in these impoverished areas, who unlike her citizens, are usually seen driving expensive cars and wearing expensive clothes and eating rich meals while their flocks live off food stamps and sit in jail. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are two prominent examples of this living large.

Two things struck me the most while watching “Runaway Slave,” though I have to say I was warned “if you aren’t crying during the movie you haven’t a heart,” this became quite true. First, the use of the word conservative: in the black community conservative is what the KKK members called themselves, “conservative Democrats,” it is definitely the reason that Jackson and Sharpton have been able to use in painting TEA Party conservatives as racist. I am not sure that can be fixed because we are Constitutional Conservatives and perhaps it is the Constitutional part we need to focus on.

The second, and more importantly, is the genocide that is killing the black community via abortion. I usually note that the black community has dropped as a percentage of Americans from 28% in the 60s to a present day low of 12%, though the film said 13%, that is a difference I find not worthy of debate, because either figure is horrible and devastating.

I am not sure why the majority of black Americans haven’t seen the demise of their community as a wake up call to deny the Democrats their very limited, and getting smaller by the Sanger way each day, votes, but they need to. I had an opportunity to speak with a young lady after the movie, Tanya Green, and she forwarded me her write up about this genocide from her own black perspective Margaret Sanger, The Woman Who Killed Generations Of Blacks

In 1929, 10 years before Sanger created the Negro Project, the ABCL laid the groundwork for a clinic in Harlem, a largely black section of New York City. It was the dawn of the Great Depression, and for blacks that meant double the misery. Blacks faced harsher conditions of desperation and privation because of widespread racial prejudice and discrimination. From the ABCL’s perspective, Harlem was the ideal place for this “experimental clinic,” which officially opened on November 21, 1930. Many blacks looked to escape their adverse circumstances and therefore did not recognize the eugenic undercurrent of the clinic. The clinic relied on the generosity of private foundations to remain in business.18 In addition to being thought of as “inferior” and disproportionately represented in the underclass, according to the clinic’s own files used to justify its “work,” blacks in Harlem:

were segregated in an over-populated area (224,760 of 330,000 of greater New York’s black population lived in Harlem during the late 1920s and 1930s);
comprised 12 percent of New York City’s population, but accounted for 18.4 percent of New York City’s unemployment;
had an infant mortality rate of 101 per 1000 births, compared to 56 among whites;
had a death rate from tuberculosis—237 per 100,000—that was highest in central Harlem, out of all of New York City.19

Although the clinic served whites as well as blacks, it “was established for the benefit of the colored people.” Sanger wrote this in a letter to Dr. W. E. Burghardt DuBois,20 one of the day’s most influential blacks. A sociologist and author, he helped found the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1909 to improve the living conditions of black Americans.

That blacks endured extreme prejudice and discrimination, which contributed greatly to their plight, seemed to further justify restricting their numbers. Many believed the solution lay in reducing reproduction. Sanger suggested the answer to poverty and degradation lay in smaller numbers of blacks. She convinced black civic groups in Harlem of the “benefits” of birth control, under the cloak of “better health” (i.e., reduction of maternal and infant death; child spacing) and “family planning.” So with their cooperation, and the endorsement of The Amsterdam News (a prominent black newspaper), Sanger established the Harlem branch of the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau.21 The ABCL told the community birth control was the answer to their predicament.

Sanger shrewdly used the influence of prominent blacks to reach the masses with this message. She invited DuBois and a host of Harlem’s leading blacks, including physicians, social workers, ministers and journalists, to form an advisory council to help direct the clinic “so that our work in birth control will be a constructive force in the community.”22 She knew the importance of having black professionals on the advisory board and in the clinic; she knew blacks would instinctively suspect whites of wanting to decrease their numbers. She would later use this knowledge to implement the Negro Project.

Sanger convinced the community so well that Harlem’s largest black church, the Abyssinian Baptist Church, held a mass meeting featuring Sanger as the speaker.23 But that event received criticism. At least one “very prominent minister of a denomination other than Baptist” spoke out against Sanger. Dr. Adam Clayton Powell Sr., pastor of Abyssinian Baptist, “received adverse criticism” from the (unnamed) minister who was “surprised that he’d allow that awful woman in his church.”24

Grace Congregational Church hosted a debate on birth control. Proponents argued birth control was necessary to regulate births in proportion to the family’s income; spacing births would help mothers recover physically and fathers financially; physically strong and mentally sound babies would result; and incidences of communicable diseases would decrease.

Opponents contended that as a minority group blacks needed to increase rather than decrease and that they needed an equal distribution of wealth to improve their status. In the end, the debate judges decided the proponents were more persuasive: Birth control would improve the status of blacks.25 Still, there were others who equated birth control with abortion and therefore considered it immoral.

Eventually, the Urban League took control of the clinic,26 an indication the black community had become ensnared in Sanger’s labyrinth.

So many lives lost, so many men made rich by the use of their silver tongues to march women into murdering their babies. It is shocking when people speak of the Holocaust and how those victims were marched into showers of death and yet here in America millions march into a clinic to complete the process of genocide on the black community every year, year after year. It is the true epidemic of the black community and really the entirety of America.

The amazing people who put on this film were, and are consumed with freeing 95% of the black community from the ravages of the Democrat Party. It isn’t a simple fix and it won’t happen overnight but the small voices are getting louder. When the community at large gets sick and tired of being sick and tired, they will take their votes back and hold them for the precious gift of freedom they represent and make politicians fight for them.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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