So I assume Karzai apologized for the Christian church burnings? Or the US soldiers killed?


In March, 2010, the last Christian church in Afghanistan was burned to the ground;

“There is no longer a public Christian church; the courts have not upheld the church’s claim to its 99-year lease, and the landowner destroyed the building in March [2010],” reads the State Department report on religious freedom. “[Private] chapels and churches for the international community of various faiths are located on several military bases, PRTs [Provincial Reconstruction Teams], and at the Italian embassy. Some citizens who converted to Christianity as refugees have returned.”

Karzai apologize to Christians? No.

Afghanistan today is in an uproar which now includes a fatwa calling for the capturing and killing of US and other forces serving there, which fatwa was followed by the killing of two US soldiers and the wounding of four more – by one of the same Afghan soldiers they had helped train.

Karzai apologize to the families of the troops killed? No.

Karzai express gratitude? No.

All this because of a few U.S. supplied copies of the Koran that were found burned at a garbage dump, even though;

1.  The Korans were being used by prisoners to pass messages back and forth to each other.  Burning is a security method (albeit not a good one in this case) and the Soldiers were following a normal procedure (burn bags, anyone?).
2.  The Korans were in the trash (put there by others using the books) and the MPs noticed them and pulled them out of the fires.  The Afghan laborers then saw them.
3.  It was intentional.
4.  Insert other theory here.

While I’m not personally holding my breath waiting for any sort of apology from the leader of the country so many of our brothers, sisters, and children have shed their lives for, neither am I ready to apologize for anything inadvertent that may cause them anger or indignation.

Obama has no problem with apologizing for America for any perceived wrong. At all. I could understand him having to “apologize” in order to keep the peace and quiet a violent Afghan rabble, but Obama seems to be taking it farther than mere apology. He wants heads;

“We will take the appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence, including holding accountable those responsible,” Obama said in the letter delivered by U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker, Karzai’s office said.


Screw that, I’m with Sarah Palin in this one. She said;

Obama apologizes for the inadvertent Koran burning this week; now the U.S. trained and protected Afghan Army can apologize for killing two of our soldiers yesterday.

Well, we’re waiting. Also waiting for some friggin’  gratitude.

Has Hell frozen over yet?

Here via Right Scoop is a proper apology;

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February 24, 2012 3:08 pm

And since we’re big on commissions, , When we get a new CIC, let him appoint a new commission to find out what it is in the conduct of war that our military establishment, including several past CIC’s do not understand. Referencing this instance specifically, why is it that there are Afghan nationals with all this access to our materials, whether trash or whatever, and also to our personnel, whether armed or not, but especially when these Afghans are armed? Yes, it’s all ‘unconventional warfare’ and ‘nation’building” or ‘religious sensibility appeasing’ these days. How many NATO soldiers have to be… Read more »