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Until now (and thru March 6th), every state holding a primary or caucus has been for the presidential contest only. Ohio will be the first state to hold primary elections for House of Representative seats (up every two years), and a single US Senate seat.  Currently, there are 12 GOP and 6 Democrat members of the Ohio congressional delegation. The 2010 US census showed a population decline in Ohio resulting in the state losing two congressional districts. Congressional districts were redrawn for 16 congressional districts. These redrawn districts place two Democrats, Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptur into competing against each other in the primary. One member of the Ohio delegation, Steve Austria OH-7, is retiring at the end of this term. It would be awesome if the 2012 election can yield 13 or more GOP members in the Ohio delegation.










The candidate photos above are new GOP candidates vying for a seat in OH-9 and OH-3. The winner in the GOP OH-9 district will face either Kucinich or Kaptur in the general. The newly drawn OH-3 has no incumbent from either party running for the seat. Samuel Joseph “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher is the candidate I am watching in OH-9 to win the primary, and hopefully win the general election.  Joe was a Herman Cain supporter, and you can visit his website if you want to support him. An excerpt from his website…

Then . . . . . . in walks Barack Hussein Obama.
If I had known then what I know now, I might have kept my mouth shut and not asked Barack how his tax policy would effect my plans to purchase a small plumbing business. I was then promptly thrown into the political world of lies, distortion and half-truths.

I lost my job as a plumber because of that interview. And I (along with other freedom-loving Americans) have spent the last 3 years watching now President Obama make good on his threat of spreading the wealth around.

It’s not working for us. Rather than spreading the wealth around, he’s making EVERYONE poor to gain political control. We all have to work to stop this insanity. I am choosing not to be a spectator in the governing of this country. I am choosing to fight the power grabs and corruption that is permeating every level of our government.

I am running for Congress in the 9th District of Ohio. And I’m asking you to stand with me. Enough is enough. No matter which side of the political fence you stand on, stealing is wrong.

Taking something by force from your neighbor and giving it to another is wrong – no matter which political party you belong to.

Cheating people by enforcing hidden taxes in food , heat and energy and then blaming high prices on the companies is wrong – no matter which political party you belong to.

And spending more than you have and asking your children to become a slave to pay for your irresponsibility is unconscionable – no matter which political party you belong to.

John Adams is the candidate to watch in OH-3.   I don’t know much about this candidate, but he does have a great name for a politician.  Just imagine a US House that includes John Adams OH-3 and Daniel Webster FL-8. You can visit John Adam’s website if you want to support him. An excerpt from his website…

I believe that our nation is in peril due to the failed leadership in Washington, D.C. I have outlined those perils in my speech, “Restore Liberty,” in which I state:
“President Obama and his far-left ideologues in Congress, with their far-left liberal agenda, have deceived the American people and they are causing this degradation and downgrading. They have created the greatest threat to America since the end of the Cold War.

Their far-left liberal agenda is destroying our free market economy, dismantling our armed forces, downgrading our credit and degrading our social, family and faith values.

Those far-left ideologues support class warfare, open borders, open societies, illegal immigration, the destruction of our American sovereignty, one world order, dependency on Big Government, abortions paid by taxpayers, gay marriage, tepid resistance to drug trafficking, and the disarming of Americans, in which criminals will be the only civilian possessors of guns.

Our fellow Americans and families do not stand a chance, if this Big Government takeover of our freedom and our liberty is left unchecked.”

The candidate photos above are candidates vying for a US Senate seat, and House District seats, OH-13, and OH-16. Only the US Senate race is a primary contest, and all three of these candidates are most likely underdogs. Eric Lamont Gregory is a black Republican, social conservative Rick Santorum supporter who is running for the US Senate seat. The GOP primary favorite is Josh Mandell, Ohio State Treasurer. If Gregory wins this US Senate seat he will be the only black in the US Senate, and this will go a long way in crushing the lefty meme that the GOP are racist sexist homophobic white men who only care about the wealthy 1% class of Americans. You can visit his website if you want to support him. An excerpt from his website…

The main threat of erosion of Senate treaty powers comes not from the international agreements that are submitted to it as treaties, but from the many international agreements that are not submitted for its consent. By concluding hundreds of executive international agreements, increasingly Presidents have made important commitments that they considered politically binding but not legally binding, which the Senate and its role to give its advice and consent to all agreements which have the force of a treaty, that is, that bind the United States to terms of the agreement.
Maintaining the Senate role in treaties requires overseeing all international agreements to assure that agreements that should be treaties are submitted to the Senate.

It will come as a surprise to no one, that Congressional legislative powers have been eroded, and therefore the constitutionally enshrined system of checks and balances between the legislative and executive branches of our federal government have been blurred. The framers of the constitution sought to limit executive authority by requiring that the executive seek the advice and consent of the Senate in matters of international agreements, treaties, before they become ties that bind the United States to another country. Successive presidents, executives, have circumvented the legislative powers of the Congress by the use of the Executive Order, and the treaty ratification powers of Congress by the issuance of Executive International Agreements. Successive presidents have claimed that because the International Agreements they sign are politically but not legally binding, they are not required to submit such agreements to the Senate.

In fact, and in law, nothing could be further from the truth.

Dr Marisha Agana is a Filipino GOP social conservative candidate with no primary challenger who will be vying for the OH-13 seat against Democrat Tim Ryan. Her winning, just like Eric Lamont Gregory winning, will help crush the same old lefty meme about the GOP. You can visit her website if you want to support her.  Born June 10, 1960 growing up in Manila, Philippines under martial law, Marisha Agana participated in the restoration of her country’s republic in 1986 through the non-violent protest known as the “People’s Power Movement” that peacefully overthrew a corrupt dictator. Dr. Marisha is a general pediatrician with an economics degree and masters in public health. She is a mother of three and children’s advocate living in Warren, Ohio. She has her solo practice in Warren, Ohio known as Pediatric Corporation of Warren. A video of her speaking before a GOP breakfast:

Jim Renacci is an incumbent GOP for OH-16 who will be running in the general election against Betty Sutton, an incumbent Democrat of OH-13 running for the OH-16 seat. Either way, an incumbent House member is going to lose in this contest. Renacci has not received a good score from Heritage Action ScoreCard – 57%, but it is  much better than the score Betty Sutton received – 12%. The only member of the Ohio delegation who received a lower score than Betty Sutton is Sherrod Brown who scored 5%. As Ohio goes so goes the nation. The number of Democrats should certainly be down by one with Kucinich and Kaptur fighting over one seat. It will be wonderful for some GOP underdogs to repeat in 2012 what they did in 2010, and the Democrats be reduced by more than one. Only time will tell.

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I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.
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I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.

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February 24, 2012 3:24 pm

I saw the Dem debate in Toledo earlier this week between Kucinich, Kaptur and Graham Veysey who is a 29 yr old buinessman from Lorain. Veysey almost sounded like a conserv until he said he was “pro-choice.” In any event, I am predicting Kaptur to win the primary. Even though her district was moved into the west side of Cuyahoga Cty., formerly Kucinich territory, she has a formidable Dem/union base in #OH 9, especially Toledo who still support her. As far as Joe the Plumber he has an uphill battle although he is a hard worker and a PC and… Read more »

Mike gamecock DeVine
February 24, 2012 6:12 pm

This Lamont is no Sanford & Son “dummy”! And on Super Tuesday, DeKalb County, Georgia will be the first vote to legalize Sunday package alcohol sales in the nation this year!