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Pelosi Praises Bush 41 Forgetting Virulent Attacks On 43

Former Speaker Pelosi belabored the atmosphere in Washington and how President Bush the elder came from a more dainty time (it wasn’t, the GOP just didn’t fight back). I would suggest that the first President Bush quite like his son took attacks so angry and false from the likes of Pelosi that the new breed of GOP has decided to fight back. Bush the elder was a sweet man I am sure, however with the likes of Pelosi, Reid and Obama as the head of the Democrat Party today, they did and would walk right on over him. Those three attacked President Bush the son like a pinata, they along with their media minions treated him like the trash you put on your curbside. I had never in my life seen the type of vitriol that was thrown at one man on a daily basis before and I am out here to ensure it never happens again. The Democrats have been this way with the media my entire life, but today there is a new media that ensures that the truth about their lies is told. What happened to Rick Santorum this week with the lies about his theology comment would have stood in the past, it will not ever again.

If Nancy Pelosi really believed the lies that flow out of her mouth, then she personally would have to leave Washington before there could ever be comity again The Leader Of The Hate Pack

Card was deputy chief of staff during the Republican Bush’s White House years and was chief of staff when Bush’s son, George W. Bush was president.

George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, were in the front row at the event in College Station. Bush invited Pelosi to participate.

The 71-year-old Pelosi lost her post as the nation’s first female House speaker when the GOP took over the House in the 2010 elections.

Pelosi’s first full House term coincided with the elder Bush’s election as president in 1988. Beginning 12 years later, when George W. Bush, went to the White House, she was in the Democratic leadership during much of his two terms. In 2008, as his second term wound down, Pelosi described the younger Bush as “a total failure” who had lost all credibility with the American people.

“You name the subject,” she said.

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill noted Pelosi had served under the older Bush and accepted his invitation to speak at his school of government, which is part of the complex that includes the Bush presidential library and museum.

The Bush School of Government and Public Service regularly has hosted political leaders from the U.S. and abroad and A&M officials said it wasn’t unusual for Bush to invite political adversaries.

“Every now and then he throws a curve ball to keep it interesting,” university spokesman Tom Hughes said.

In 2008, Bush raised eyebrows when he selected frequent Bush critic, liberal Democratic U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, to receive an annual Bush Award for Excellence in Public Service. Other recipients of his award have included former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, former President Ronald Reagan and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Nancy Pelosi will always be remembered by me for using the black members of Congress to walk through a sea of angry Americans to try to create a racist incident. When that incident did not occur she and they lied about it, until new media, Andrew Breitbart put up a 100K bounty on video showing it happened. There wasn’t a tape even thought Jesse Jackson Jr taped the entire walk, because Nancy was doing what she does best and that is attack, attack and attack some more anyone who differs from her politically. She is what we like to call in my area of the country a true bitch.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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