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Public Schools Have Become Progressive Petri Dishes

They as well have become the the worst place to send your precious children to for 4-8 hours a day. The union workers who live the life of greed off of the backs off your precious children, spend as much time working towards more money as they do pushing progressive ideals into these young minds. It is sickening when you eventually realize how horrible the public school system has become and the sexualized nature of their lesson plans to children as young as five. It has become the petri dish for molding young minds to the government as God lesson plan then a lesson plan for the future of this great nation. When they decry obesity in the schools, the teachers and administrators are too stupid to recognize they are the reason why. They spend so much time putting condoms over vegetables that they neglect to get the children into the gym for 50 minutes a day. They are now spending time taking your children’s bagged lunch away from them to feed them the food they “feel” is healthy to them, but anyone who has ever eaten the garbage passed as food at schools knows damn well there is nothing healthy about it. The bottom line is we conservatives need to fight State to State and up to the Federal Government to get the children in our communities and opportunity to get vouchers to get back to schools that teach the basics and the not the progressive claptrap that is being taught now. Yes Mr. Santorum Public Schools Are Indeed Factories, Factories Of Progressivism

In the nation’s past, he said, “Most presidents homeschooled their children in the White House.… Parents educated their children because it was their responsibility.”

“Yes, the government can help,” he continued, “but the idea that the federal government should be running schools, frankly much less that the state government should be running schools, is anachronistic.”

He said it is an artifact of the Industrial Revolution, “when people came off the farms where they did homeschool or had a little neighborhood school, and into these big factories … called public schools.”

While industry has evolved, public schools remain stuck in the factory era, he said, “back in the age of Henry Ford. You get what we give you. One color, two models. It wouldn’t work for Henry Ford today, and it won’t work for America today.“

I say if you want to send your child to a private school, you should get a voucher equivalent to the amount your tax dollars would pay for your child to go to the factory run by unions.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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