Rand Paul has taken a stand for 19 US citizens who are facing politically motivated charges in Egypt and being prevented from leaving the country. Among the hostages is Sam LaHood, son of US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. I’ve previously written about these hostages here, but the short version is they all worked for one of several organizations that were monitoring the Egyptian elections.

Rand Paul is one of the few politicians I’ve heard who are still concerned about these people. He has introduced an amendment to the highway bill to eliminate funding for Egypt until these hostages are released. Democrats are accusing him of delaying a “jobs bill.” but all they have to do to move it along is to vote on his amendment.

Watch Rand Paul’s speech on eliminating aid to Egypt until the hostages are released.

Some notable quotes:
“I do not think that 10 minutes is too much to ask that we discuss, debate and vote on whether or not Egypt should continue to get aid from us while detaining our citizens.”

“We will not tolerate any country citizens as hostage or lawlessly.”

“Will we ever learn? Will we ever learn that you can’t buy friendship? Will we ever learn that authoritarians, no matter how much money you give them, will not become Democrats?”

Senator Paul is trying to do what the Obama administration won’t, hold Egypt accountable for actions it’s taken against US Citizens. He’s right, those 19 Citizens deserve at least 10 minutes of the Senate’s time.

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Brian Hibbert
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