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Free Speech vs. Controlling the Narrative, Setting the Agenda and Dictating Policy – No Contest

We sometimes remark on the propensity for those on the left to turn vicious and hateful, suspending all their “Let’s live together in Harmony” rhetoric when the narrative or the outcome turns against them.  Take for example the terrible misuse of Presidential prerogative and display of contempt that President Obama showed toward the Supreme Court in the infamous ‘Citizens United” rebuke during a State of the Union address.  The Citzens United case was the one in which the Court ruled that private corporations have the same free speech rights as individuals, particularly when it comes to political speech and the expenditure of corporate money on political advertisements.

So the thesis, which the Court rejected,  was  that corporations shouldn’t be allowed to compete with so-called individual speech in the political arena because they are too large, too rich and too powerful.  We don’t need to reargue that today but want to point out that Obama’s rant was, and still is today, part of a full bore assault by the leftist media on the concept of private entities being able to use their own resources for whatever purpose or cause they choose.  At the same time as this case was making its way through the courts, and leading up to Obama’s election, there was an ‘under the radar’ enterprise going on called the JournOlist.  This was a little pen-pal club of so-called journalists who corresponded on various topics of the day, up to and including ways to promote the candidacy of Barack Obama for President in their everyday work, their day jobs,  and to use same to detract from the candidacies of the opposition.

Out of the 40 or 50 people involved, we recall only one ever losing his job when the little plot was exposed, and as we recall, he didn’t have any trouble finding work in his profession afterward.  To this day, one of the ringleaders, a certain Ezra Klein, has his tweets prominently displayed on the front page of National Review Online from time to time.  That’s just anecdotal, but if we’re going to talk about why the official Republican  apparatus lets the left get away with the stuff it does, which we are, then it should be instructive that even a supposedly conservative outlet like NRO didn’t find it worthwhile to use its resources to do everything in their power to abate the future influence of the individual JournOlisters, or to even shun them.  See, no matter the severity of the offense, those on our side of the aisle often find it necessary to go out of their way to avoid appearing mean-spirited.

Well, now.  From Citizens United to the JournOlist to the recent kerfuffle over the Catholic Church, and other churches, which have attempted to hold hands with the lefties and sing ‘Kumbayah’ for decades, and  now having the vicious and spiteful Obama administration turn on them and try to force them to abandon whatever vestiges of belief , propriety and self-respect they once had, the validity and wisdom of going along to get along remains  the question.  Jeffrey Lord writes about this here.   Other voices are cited in his piece. The theme being developed is that many institutions these days who find themselves bothered and bewildered by attacks on their sacrosanctities from the Central Planners within and without the Administration  have nobody to blame but themselves for getting into bed with the thugs to begin with, or for turning a blind eye as the lefties went after somebody else. 

 All true enough, but what nobody to date is doing, and maybe one fine day it will be deemed a worthy pursuit, is looking into the reasons behind why the lefties are so ruthless  and relentless on the attack.  Mocking charges of  “Hypocrites!”  do little to deter them.  They do not care what is said about them, they do not care if they are accused of attacking innocents , of using the poor and underprivileged as pawns in their power struggles, or of fabricating stories out of whole cloth if it starts a good enough rumor.  They have in fact become deft at turning any feeble assault back by merely redoubling their efforts to portray their opponents as selfish, greedy or mean-spirited and disrespectful.  Have you heard the churlish, whining Eric Holder at a Fast and Furious committee hearing, for example?

What they have learned over the years is that their supposed  ‘opponents’  not only will generally temper their investigations into their activities out of a desire to be ‘fair’ and ‘charitable’ but will after a while simply just get tired of the hunt.  Conservatism many times manifests itself  in a tendency to not overreach.  

 But the Progressive Statists cannot afford to rest on their laurels.  They have to keep the spotlight on the objects of their disaffection.  Why?  To deflect that spotlight from themselves, because they have something to hide, that’s why.  What might that be?  Oh, little things like graft, corruption, misappropriation of public resources, influence peddling, perhaps conspiracy to deprive others of their civil and constitutional rights.   These people want to keep the spotlight on the use of private resources by others   because they themselves are actively engaged in the criminal enterprise of diverting  public resources for political ends.   And resources doesn’t have to mean cash, either.  It could merely be the use of government property or doing extra-curricular work on company time.  At least lobbyists have to register.  Some of the outfits mentioned below just roam around the halls of the executive branch like it’s their personal playground.

We have today Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller to thank for the expose into the organization known as Media Matters and how its tentacles reach throughout the media and even into the White House to push the Progressive Socialist cause.  They apparently have easy access,  carte blanche and unquestioning cooperation.  When that influence is coupled with what is described as a campaign to destroy such an organization as Fox News, you have a nexus for what could be reasonably described as a conspiracy, which would be criminal, to use government resources to destroy a private enterprise, while along the way attempting to stifle, impede or negate that entity’s basic constitutional, fundamental rights, at the very least by intimidation.  This is not a small thing. And of course it isn’t limited to Fox, but extends to other persons and outlets perceived as hostile to the Statists’ ultimate goals.  Whatever the basis for David Brock’s mental state(s), as described in the Daily Caller article, he apparently has some sort of genius that the perennial and committed Left has found useful.  If he went mad, he certainly didn’t go rogue.

At this point then, do we want to compartmentalize and talk in one setting about what Media Matters (and the Center for American Progress and that whole cabal) are trying to get away with  in harassing and conspiring against Fox, et al, and in another setting talk about Eric Holder and the Department of Justice entertaining the notion of   finding something for which to prosecute Murdoch and Co. in the US, supposedly somehow related to the Newscorp scandals in the UK?  Or do we want to do a little ‘dot connecting’ ?  To wit:  When and to what comparable degree has there been such an apparent and concerted effort on the part of government and NonGovernmental-With-Government-Access partnerships to demonize and persecute journalists, commentators, media outlets  and even grassroots political organizations critical of said government and NGO’s?  It appears to be a two-pronged attack – on one side by the government and on the other by the communists (just a handy appellation).  The only thing left to identify and describe is the smoking gun of coordination, which of course is the job of real investigators.

  What are the cabalists so afraid of?  That they will be denounced as left-wing?  Hardly.  That cat was out of the bag long ago.  No, as Michelle Malkin likes to say – It’s the corruption, stupid. There are a lot of people who probably need to be  in jail. There is something rotten in the state of the American polity.  If the Congressional investigations stop at Solyndra and Fast and Furious, many of the guilty will simply exit that revolving door and be available for the next exercise.

Note has been made by various commentators in recent times of the aforementioned revolving doors into and out of government used by the Socialist agendaites.  They serve in advisory, policy and communications positions in the Administration, leave to go into media work or NGO or political advocacy work, and vice-versa.  With a bank account and credit line extending into the trillions, the Executive Branch has cash spilling out of its pockets from the time it gets up and gets dressed in the morning til slipping into its jammies at the midnight hour.  Couple that with an ideological and personal vendetta against traditional Americana, which more than a handful of Administration officials have exhibited, and  the possibility for corrupt practices and exchange of favors morphs into a probability. 

For far too long the narrative has been controlled and the premises have been set  by the left.  They have set the parameters for the discussion and put the conservatives on the defensive while plundering the treasury and bribing and corrupting the politicos.  Every once in a while the conservatives get a moral victory in which they are granted the luxury of being able to talk about politics with words and with money, as they did in Citizens United.  But when the opportunity is presented to delouse our institutions, as it was with the ACORN and the JournOlist and other scandals, they have demurred, or only adopted half-measures or opted for ‘rehabilitation’ and nonjudgementalism.  We wait now for them to rise to the occasion  with this Media Matters affair and scurry the rats out of the building.  But we  will not hold our breath.    Nobody was  interested when Malik  Shabazz was running in and out of the White House back in 2009 either.   An aversion to getting one’s hands soiled and all that, we suppose.  Over the trifling issue of the sanctity of the voting process. Sigh.


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