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The Drug-Addled, Hysterical Obama Economic Advisory Team Speaks

Please study the following paragraph and see if you can make any sense of  it – any sense at all.  These words were spoken at an important, official economic meeting by a representative of our government:

“He supports corporate tax reform that would reduce expenditures and loopholes, lower rates for people investing and creating jobs in the U.S., due so further for manufacturing, and that we need to, as we have the Buffett Rule and the individual tax reform, we need a global minimum tax so that people have the assurance that nobody is escaping doing their fair share as part of a race to the bottom or having our tax code actually subsidized and facilitate people moving their funds to tax havens,” Sperling said.

A global minimum tax. So that I can be assured that as we are racing to the bottom….

Corporate tax reform that reduces expenditures?  By whom?  Corporations? What the hell are you talking about, Sperling?

Subsidizing a tax code?  What is subsidizing a tax code?

You know why you don’t engage drunks in meaningful conversation? Because they are drunk. Because they are not capable of it. Because they babble. Because their perceptions are distorted due to mind-altering substances. You don’t let them drive, you don’t give them money or assign them a task that needs to get done and you don’t even bother talking to them about anything important.

Who is it that is drunk or drug-addled or otherwise mentally-impaired, Obama, Reid or Sperling?  The answer is  all of them.  End the conversation now.  It is futile, pointless, idiotic, non-productive and insane.  Shut the government down and keep it shut down until a new Congress and  new Administration are ensconced.  This is maddhatterism gone wild.  We can’t even decipher what they’re saying anymore. The Buffet Rule?  Are you kidding me?  Jimmy Buffet, you must mean, cause you’re wasted in Margaritaville or someplace.  How about the Peter Principle Rule and you drunks get the hell out , ’cause you’re incompetent boobs.  How about that rule?

Shut it down, Boehner.  Shut it down now.


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