Sarah Palin keynote speech at CPAC 2012 (Full HD Speech Video)


Sarah Palin came out to a fired-up audience packed with conservatives (and one heckler who was swiftly shouted down*), many of whom were fans of Sarah Palin, and may have been there to CPAC because Sarah was going to be there.

Early and often Palin went after Obama and a corrupt Washington with bullet points like;

“Drain the Jacuzzi!”

“This government isn’t too big to fail, it’s too big to succeed.”

“We don’t want an economy built to last, we want an economy built to grow.”

“This is Obama’s Washington.”

In fact, go read J.E. Dyer’s whole piece at Hot Air; he asks “Why Isn’t Sarah Running?” A lot of people are.

One thing you may hear in the next week is “IS Sarah running??” and “Did she suggest she may jump in?” Not to mention “Run, Sarah, run!

Her closing sentiment? “The door is open.” It’s hard not to find that sentence provocative — especially given that she repeated it throughout the speech — but she seemed to have meant it in the sense that the door is open to defeat Barack Obama and to take back the nation. The crowd considered the alternate meaning, too, though, to judge by chants of “Run, Sarah, run!”  Who knows what might happen before this long primary ends?

At any rate, Palin’s unrivaled ability to rally a crowd was definitely on display; she drew more standing ovations than at least one gal could count. It was red meat to the base — a reiteration that conservatives stand on the shoulders of the Founders, that we have solutions to the fiscal problems that face our nation, that we have a better jobs plan than the president (“It’s called the free market!”), that we can achieve energy independence, etc. etc. etc. — and the audience loved it.

*Interesting part about the heckler being shouted down; the crowd started chanting “USA! USA! USA!” (with Sarah joining in) and some lefty commenters on other sites seem to be confused and angry about one of their own being “shouted down,” especially with something as “lame” as “USA!” They do like the “c” word though,  as every other commenter is using it. Really? Is that all a woman is to a leftist? A collection of body parts? I thought they were…enlightened on the left?

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