Barack Hussein O’Caesar


Most writers have written about Barack Hussein O’Caesar as if he believes he is King. I don’t dispute their take on his edicts however I find him to be more Caesar then Henry VIII. You see the items that he would be pushing on Americans are anti-Christian, they are abortions, also known as murder and gay marriage and other assorted immorality laden “rules. The way that Caesar and the whole of the Roman Empire degraded human life from their hedonism were the exact moral issues of the day that destroyed the Roman Empire and of course as history is the greatest teacher of all, so will America fall for her immorality. I am not a perfect human being and I don’t believe I have ever met one, and yet even I know that the path that America is taking is one of degradation and destruction Barack The Benevolent

Day by day, measure by measure, edict by edict, directive by directive, we are losing our country. Immersed in the collectivist waters of academia, Good King Barack continues to inflict his benevolent vision upon the country regardless of the consent of the governed, the will of their elected representatives, or the Constitution he took an oath to uphold. Neither proper respect nor the rule of law constrains a man who takes it upon himself to decide when the Senate shall be in recess for purposes of unconstitutional appointments, which laws he will or will not execute, what private contracts and services he will or will not order private citizens to purchase, and what freedom of religion he will or will not allow people of faith to practice. For a guy who believes in a right to privacy, he sure meddles in our private lives a lot.

When America at the hand of Justices approved the murdering of innocents as a “right” and the American people fell into line with that decision it was only a matter of time before every immoral act was given a “right”. There is only one way to destroy a moral people and that is by making the immoral, moral and the moral, immoral. The Democrats/Progressives have done just this decade after decade to this Country and we either allow it to continue or we fight back against it, I choose to fight. America has worked since the beginning because the moral outweighed the immoral in our society, the left has taken to change that and have been quite successful, it is up to We The People to bring about the change in society that accepts once again morality as the way forward.

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