What will you do to help GOTV in 2012?


GOTV. It’s not a new cable network. It stands for Get Out The Vote.

Keep in mind that in 2008, in the presidential election, voter turnout nationwide, among those eligible to vote, was about 62%. In 2010, in the general election, about 41.6% of voters turned out.

So here’s the simple question: what are you going to do to make sure every right-thinking American you know votes in the 2012 primary and general elections?

Will you talk to your conservative friends, neighbors and family members to encourage them to register to vote and, then, actually vote?

Will you help make GOTV phone calls for conservative candidates in Republican primary elections who happen to be challenging less-than-stellar-conservative incumbents?

Will you, perhaps, consider become a precinct committeeman?

Will you make monetary donations to good, solid conservative candidates who need help financially?

Will you actually walk your precinct — your “political neighborhood” — to help nudge Republicans, who do not vote regularly, to cast their ballots?

Will you consider volunteering to be a poll watcher to make sure the vote is not stolen?

Will you recruit others to also help GOTV and “true the vote” as a poll watcher?

I hope you will think about it. Because if we all rely on “the other guy” to do it, it might not get done. Can we — you — afford to take that chance regarding our liberties?

Go here to see how easy it is in Minnesota, for example, to create fraudulent absentee ballots:


Do you have any idea as to whether your state’s Election Code makes it this easy to create fraudulent absentee ballots? Do you have any idea how lax, or strict, your state’s Election Code is otherwise regarding the prevention of fraudulent voting?

If you’d like more information about how to get involved as a precinct committeeman, as a poll watcher, or in helping to GOTV, please click on the links in the signature block below. Then please seek out your local or county Republican Party committee and find out where you need to go to get involved.

If we all do a little, we can achieve much. We only have our country to lose. We’re Americans, and if we unite and organize politically, locally, inside the Republican Party, and get every possible good, decent American to the polls this election cycle, we can fix things. No?

Thank you.

Cold Warrior
In 2012, will YOU become a “voting member” of the Republican Party in your precinct?

Where it all started. Twitter @kaltkrieger
Learn how to GOTV at The Concord Project and at Procinct.

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Cold Warrior
Just a citizen who believes each conservative American's top priority should be active engagement as a precinct committeeman in the political Party our Founders and Framers would be members of if they were alive now: The Republican Party. I am an American first, a conservative second and a Republican precinct committeeman by necessity to secure the Blessings of Liberty to myself and my posterity.

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February 7, 2012 9:03 pm

You are such a thorn in my side, Cold Warrior, as I have told you. As I also told you previously, your incessant nagging caused me to became a precinct captain. While did not enjoy my foray into the Republican Party, that stint did allow me to gain access to a vault map. Our maps here do not designate Republican and Democrat voters because voters are not required to register by party here – the maps show only those who vote. I will target the voters but will also target those who are not on the map but are in… Read more »