So, did Komen for the Cure stop funding to Planned Parenthood or didn’t they?


Not exactly

Well, as of yesterday, they said they had. Tonight, (h/t Alexa) they still are funding Planned Parenthood (at least at some level);

Screenshot here.

So which is it?

Well, there’s also Nancy Brinker (Komen founder) telling Andrea Mitchell today;

“…[L]et me just take a step back for a minute. We are not defunding Planned Parenthood. We have three grants that will go on this year, and they will probably be eligible for the next grant cycle.”

With the leftist/liberal blacklist in full force, if Komen doesn’t bend and break under their vicious onslaught, I’ll be surprised.

By the way, Nancy Brinker has an official statement, embedded below;

[NOTE; Komen pulled the video linked below, and marked it “Private” since I linked it.]

UPDATE; It’s back online, as you can see. Doubt it had anything to do with this;

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February 3, 2012 3:02 pm

Mighty suspicious here. Did they do this deliberately in order to get a day’s worth of mega-donations, reverse course and then take the money and run? Either way their credibility is in the dumper forever and they have a massive PR problem on the pro-life side. And why make the vid private.