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US Navy Seals rescue hostages in Somalia

DEVGRU at its best! It’s just how they roll…

Via the Wall Street Journal;

Jumping out of an Air Force plane flying high enough to avoid puncturing the nighttime silence, members of a Navy SEAL team parachuted into Somalia’s darkness to rescue two aid workers, an American and a Dane, from their three-month captivity.

The operation, which unfolded early Wednesday local time in a remote region of Somalia, extracted the two hostages unharmed and left their nine captors dead, according to the U.S. military. It represented the first public report of an extended U.S. ground raid in that country since a 1993 operation in Mogadishu that left 19 American service members dead and prompted the U.S. to withdraw from Somalia.

An elite U.S. special-operations team parachuted into Somalia early Wednesday morning in a daring and successful nighttime raid to free an American and Danish hostage. Julian Barnes has details on Lunch Break.

The raid was planned and carried out after U.S. officials developed intelligence on the hostages’ location and information that raised concerns about the deteriorating health of Jessica Buchanan, a 32-year-old American originally from Ohio.

“There was a window of opportunity for military success,” Navy Capt. John Kirby, the chief Pentagon spokesman, said Wednesday. “Within the last week or so, we were able to connect enough dots to make the decision.”

Video dispatch courtesy of STRATFOR

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