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When Liberal Governor George Romney Met Saul Alinsky

“I think you ought to listen to Alinsky,” Romney told his white allies, according to T. George Harris’s 1968 book, “Romney’s Way.”

“It seems to me that we are always talking to the same people. Maybe the time has come to hear new voices,” he said.

The Library of Congress preserved these photographs of what appears to be a meeting between the two men on September 13, 1967, in Rochester, New York.

I don’t think anyone who has always been turned off by Mitt Romney, and lets be honest, that includes everyone in the TEA Party base, will be surprised to learn his dad was an Alinskyite. Mitt Romney has called himself a Progressive and he was for abortion because of his Progressive Mother. If you’ve watched the downright mean way Romney has run both of his campaigns for President, you will see he was already Alinsky when Obama was making Alinsky cool for lefties. It isn’t hard to recognize the brutality in which Romney attacks his opponents, both in 2008 and this year, to recognize the Alinsky style. The problem with Mitt Romney will always be the progressive views he holds. For those like me who are conservative, it is the progressives in the Republican Party who made the Grand Old Party, the Democrat-lite Party. When Newt Gingrich mentions a manager to manage the decline of America, he is of course speaking of the progressive wing of the Republican Party, it is who the TEA Party has been fighting since 2009. America cannot take another round of progressivism, the last 3 years have catapulted this great country to the edge of the precipice and our chance, only chance to turn back the hands of the lefties of all stripes, no matter what they call themselves, is 2012.

There is no tomorrow after November 2012; we will be sucked into a socialist drain. I don’t know if Newt Gingrich is the answer either, other than he knows how those laws are written and the crap that is stuck inside of them and can veto each and every bill that We The People demand he veto. I only know this is the last shot for America to turn back the hands of time and return us to a free market behemoth, with life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for every American.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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