Mitch: It’s the Super Bowl, Stupid!


Don’t normally link to the Huffington Post, but:

See, that’s what Trumka and Stern  don’t understand. It’s not that Mitch begrudges them their power or their massive campaign warchests to be used against Republicans, or the lifestyle and White House invitations to which they have become accustomed,  it’s just the dratted economy is so bad.  If it wasn’t for that…..

Last year when the R’s had a supermajority, Mitch prevailed upon them to drop Right To Work legislation when the D’s walked out, saying we just had to ‘reform’ local governments and ‘reform’ education.  Note to Mitch: The economy was bad last year, too.  Is there something else in play this year?

This year the D’s, while not absconding to Illinois, have still boycotted the opening sessions of the Legislature.  The R’s still have a supermajority and are not going to drop RTW this time.  However, they are ready to cave on an amendment which would allow the legislation to proceed, but which would provide for the question to also be placed on the ballot next year in the form of a referendum.  This has never been done before in the State of Indiana on a law passed by the legislature.  There is some question on the constitutionality of it.

Also, in addition to planned protests the weekend before the Super Bowl, which Indianapolis is hosting this year, there are rumors of possible disruptions to SuperBowl-related events or protests at the game venue itself.

The governor is so hoping they won’t do that because he has promised to stand firmly behind the Indiana legislators this year, and he would hate to not be able to come through on that, especially with the economy so bad and all.

Update:  Late word is that the Indiana Senate has rejected the referendum amendment.  So between threats from Al Quaeda and threats from Organized Labor, your Super Bowl this year could be a little dicey, unless the governor once again uses his influence and proposes a……..truce.

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January 22, 2012 1:42 pm

Every time I start to warm up to Mitch….

January 22, 2012 4:50 pm

I don’t know if you saw it Bob but last November I did an article about a group in Ohio trying to put a right-to-work amendment to the OH constitution on the November ballot.

Not that I am against this, but I think the timing is way wrong because of Ohio being a major player in the election. I’m fearful if they get this on the ballot this year it could hand Obama the election. The unions are already threatening to go nuclear if this happens.

The Super Bowl could be a lot of fun and games. 😀