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Meet Scott Rupert, Ohio U.S. senate candidate

“We have once again come to a place in our fine Union’s history when it becomes necessary for a few patriots to lay aside their personal and financial interests, as well as their differences, to serve a cause far greater than will ever be realized in our lifetime. For all we know, God has provided us with all manner of instruction for such a time as this.” — Scott A. Rupert, independent Candidate, United States Senate for Ohio

I had the pleasure of being an attendee at Mr. Rupert’s announcement of his candidacy in Toledo, Ohio last Wednesday. He is running as an independent, and as he reminds everyone, “that is Independent, with a small i.”

Scott began his life in humble surroundings and is a hard worker as a truck driver. He feels this makes him ideally suited for his candidacy, being that he fully understands and comprehends the nature of the “common man” as he calls himself and how one must live within one’s means, unlike the federal government.

He is a proponent of grass-roots leadership, is against the stranglehold the federal government has on our lives and would like to see the United States divest herself from the United Nations. For his first time in front of the camera I felt he did a remarkable job, and all without a teleprompter. Barack Obama, please take note:

FYI the gentleman introducing Scott is Warren Edstrom, his campaign manager and also one of the co-founders of The Voices of America (Cold Warrior take note) a group dedicated to *taking our country back with precinct organizing.*

I gave Scott my “conservative test” which is based on knowledge of Congressional operations and the Constitution and he passed with flying colors. Below are some of his goals if elected:

  • Re-establish state sovereignty
  • Defund unconstitutional government agencies
  • Remove prohibitive regulations on manufacturing
  • Roll back destructive laws on small business
  • Lift restrictions on drilling for oil and natural gas
  • Replace the income tax with a consumption tax
  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Remove unfunded federal mandates
  • Restore national sovereignty

I have sat down with Mr. Rupert twice one-on-one and he bears further watching: smart, knowledgeable and I believe he is truly out for our country’s best interest and he has no aspirations of becoming a career politician.

You can find out more about Scott on his website.

He is on twitter Rupert for Ohio.

Facebook: Rupert for Senate.

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