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Solyndra Throwing Away Money Like Its Not George Kaisers

and lo and behold it isn’t, it is the American taxpayers dollars being thrown out in the trash. It is more specifically one of the creditors of Solyndra’s who will not be getting the money for what in the real world would be stolen property, but bankruptcy laws make it just trash. I see billionaire George Kaiser as a major donor and friend of Barack Obama has no decency but then does anyone around Barack Obama have decency? as leftist/liberals/progressives the answer is no. You see it is so easy to spend other people’s money, when it comes to your own you tend to be a tad bit more CONSERVATIVE Ehh What Are A Few Million Dollars Amongst Thieves

Solyndra’s liquidators claim that the glass tubes can’t attract a market for discounted sale. It didn’t take KCBS long to find a buyer, though, who is hardly unknown to the liquidators. David Lucky bought some of the completed solar panels in an earlier auction and is now reselling them from his base in Las Vegas. Lucky also tells CBS that the glass tubes didn’t get sold because the liquidator didn’t bother to list them in the auction.

KCBS then contacted the manufacturer of the glass tubes, still owed millions from Solyndra. No one ever told them that the liquidators intended to destroy the merchandise. They could have tried to negotiate a return of the product to reduce the debt load on taxpayers in the collapse. Instead, they’re busy tossing these glass tubes into steel dumpsters in the parking lot — and trying to keep the media from pointing it out.

And that sounds exactly like the Obama administration’s approach to Solyndra, doesn’t it?

Suffice it to say you will not be seeing this all over ABC with an investigative report, because Barack Obama is their candidate of choice.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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