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Wall Street President Will Speak At His TARP Bought Bank Of America Stadium

I certainly hope Bank Of America is not charging Barack Obama and The Democrats for this event, in that they wouldn’t be in business today if not for sucking up taxpayer dollars to fix their thievery. You name any bank traded on Wall Street and you will know they are in business today because of your hard earned dollars, of which they then delivered back to Barack Obama and the Democrat National Committee to re-elect Barack Obama. This shyster has had more dollars donated by Wall Street firms that were “bailed out” then any candidate in the history of this Country. I find it more then perfect that he should speak from their pulpit. The hypocrisy of the Democrats is only surpassed by their ability to be tone deaf. If they think that a majority of Americans will not put two and two together and see the audacity of this man speaking from a site that would be called another name by this time, if Bank of America were allowed to die out as it should have from their bad decision making and out right theft Lets Show Barack Hussein Obama That He Is Not Too Big To Fail

The move to the Carolina Panthers’ 74,000-seat stadium would replicate the 2008 convention, where Obama accepted the nomination at a packed Invesco Field in Denver.

The move, which would open the speech to the public, is designed to help mobilize voters in North Carolina, a key swing state. It could also serve as a perk to donors, who could be rewarded with skybox seats.

“I think this would be a great opportunity to have tens of thousands of North Carolinians and others outside of the state to see and participate in the convention process,” said Ed Turlington, a party official from Raleigh and a member of the convention’s host committee.

Acceptance speeches typically draw the highest TV ratings of any convention. It will be one the best opportunities of the campaign for the president to reach a broad audience, and comes two months to the day before the election.

Last week, Bloomberg News reported that the convention was considering the stadium for Obama’s acceptance speech. Quoting sources involved in convention fundraising, Bloomberg said the move would allow officials, struggling to raise money, to sell skyboxes to donors.

Two Democratic sources, who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the information, said the stadium move is just one change that will be announced this morning. They did not elaborate.

The part that is most delectable to me is that the stadium was built by non-union workers. The State of North Carolina is a RIGHT TO WORK STATE and well, the Democrats chose it for their big day. The slap in the face to unions upon North Carolina as the choice and of course the stadium that they had no hand in building for the final speech as the stomp on the face of the Democrats unions, is just hilarious. the old saying if they didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all must have been written for the Democrat Party.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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