It’s been nearly 55 years since Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his most famous speech “I Have a Dream”.

And of course the most memorable line of that speech is:
“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

While many of us live our lives in a way that meets that dream, there are still many barriers in the way of achieving it. There are people (of all races) who consider this a “black holiday”. It never occurs to them that this isn’t a “black holiday” and there aren’t “white holidays” there are just holidays. Individual prejudices are difficult to overcome, but there are more insidious prejudices that we CAN combat.

We have built a culture of institutional racism. We have built government intuitions whose sole purpose is to sort people by their racial heritage and make sure that no group performs any better than any other group. We have built a culture around the idea that black people are incapable of being successful without a little extra help from the government. This culture of prejudice justifies its existence on past wrongs. We have built a system of race based laws that replaced older race based laws.

But the solution to the problem has created problems of its own. It created what my friend Gamecock refers to as “disturbing pathologies” in the people who publicly claim to fight racism. It has created a system where people completely unrelated to the past wrongs have been affected by the new wrongs put in their place. We have created a system in which young Asian women have to lie about their racial heritage in order to get into a good school. Such actions do nothing but increase the racial hatreds and mistrust that the systems were intended to replace.

We have built a culture which replaces one set of race based criteria with another set of race based criteria. It’s time to end this madness. It’s time to end government based racism and replace it with ABILITY based standards.

The next time you fill out a form that asks your race, I ask you to not participate in the race based systems. Check “Other” and fill in human. We will all be better off when out government starts treating you that way instead of a “white human”, “black human”, Asian human” etc. Stop allowing yourself to be classified by race and fight this misguided government race based selection process.

I should end the editorial there, but I do want to take a moment to remind everyone that Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican and should be regarded as a hero of the Republican Party and Republican ideals. His neice, Dr. Alveda King has produced a good overview of why Dr. King was a Republican. It’s well worth a look.

Brian Hibbert
Midwestern conservative, Precinct Committeeman, county GOP Executive Committee secretary and currently a candidate for the Board of Trustees at Illinois Central College.
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