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Of Game Changers and Classic Feints – A Drama in Three Parts

Scene One.

Most of you probably remember the Ronald Reagan TV movie that came out a few years back.  It was hyped as being true to Reagan and his presidency and all that rot and when we finally got to see it, it was nothing but mockery.  Currently coming to a theater near you is the biopic about Maggie Thatcher, starring that accomplished professional – Meryl Streep.  Naturally all the directors and producers claimed nothing but the best of intentions as to accurately portraying the Iron Lady. In interviews, Meryl, while candid about not sharing Thatcher’s political views, claims admiration for Maggie as a politician and woman and trying to be true to that.  Well.  We have not paid good money to see the film, nor will we, but we have seen the previews and…..can you say  “emote”?  The Thatcher family previewed the picture early on and reportedly were horrified.

Comes now the third part in what is apparently a series of artistic efforts to portray conservative icons as, shall we say, less than iconic.  It is  something called Game Change‘, an HBO production starring Julianne Moore, another highly acclaimed, highly professional actress.  The producers claim that, in an attempt to be ohmygodyes “true” to the character portrayed, Sarah Palin, they asked her and her folks for cooperation in the production.  The Palin folks declined.  Nevertheless, in doggedly trying to assure the public of their benign intent, they tell us that they hired a “voice coach” for Ms. Moore, because they wanted to get Sarah’s distinct tones, patterns and inflections down right.  Really?  You can believe that if you want to.  Can you say “emote”?

Strong called Game Change nonpartisan and added that Republican politicians were very receptive to Recount (“James Baker threw us a premiere,” he said).

Say no more. We’re sold. Unless we have to wash our hair that night.

Scene Two.

If we conservatives can’t agree that the results of the 2008 election were disastrous for America, we can’t agree on anything, but most of us do agree on that.  In fact, quite a hefty number of  us agree that the candidacy of John McCain itself was a disaster.  How many times have we read or ourselves observed that the “other side’ laid off McCain because they preferred him as the opponent in ’08?   We generally congratulate David Axelrod, among others, for duping the public and presenting the country with a false god and masterfully orchestrating the ’08 elections.  It worked.  Will the exact same strategy work again?  Well, who is stupid?  Us or David Axelrod?

When all the pundits react in horror at Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry’s attacks on Mitt Romney, they give out with a hue and cry that it is helping Obama, that it is giving Obama ammunition.  That this is a titanic struggle between socialism and capitalism.  Well, it might be the latter, although we think the better characterization would be a classic struggle between tyranny and freedom.  But nobody is giving Obama, or David Axelrod ammunition.  If we thought we were giving Axelrod ammunition to use in the fall, why would we think he would be so stupid as to expend it all in January?  The  Obama Organization is not cooling their heels, not standing by and letting the conservatives do their dirty work. (Well, they are, but not the conservative politicians – the conservative pundits).  They are attacking Romney full force.  Are they doing it because they fear Romney?  Are they going to use the exact same tactics they used in the last election, which was using kid gloves on McCain?  Or after the election, when, looking ahead, they brutalized Palin?

To believe that, you would have to believe Axelrod is stupid.  They (the Obama team) are attacking Romney because after the last election it dawned on us that they weren’t laying off McCain because they feared him, it’s because they wanted him as the nominee.  And Axelrod knows that it dawned on us. So now, are we to assume that because the O-team is attacking Romney that Romney is the candidate they fear?  No, they have stepped up their game.  And those on our side unable to recognize a classic feint are assisting in the fundamental transformation of America.

Scene Three. 

This scene has yet to be written.

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