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AFL-CIO Trumka speaks at UN on climate change

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One simple question: what for heaven’s sake is Trumka doing at the U.N. yapping about coal and climate change? Are we to be subjected to him not only ranting about those underpaid unioners and the horrific teabaggers but now he’s invited to the U.N.?

Speaking at the 2012 United Nations Investor Summit on Climate Risk & Energy Solutions, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka blasted climate deniers in Congress for threatening the free enterprise system and the future of civilization. Trumka began his speech laying out the stark challenge of global warming: a “stable climate is the foundation of our global civilization,” and thus “the prerequisite for a profitable investment environment”:

Today, as we meet together, scientists tell us we are headed ever more swiftly toward irreversible climate change—with catastrophic consequences for human civilization. We must have a stable climate to feed the planet, to ensure there is drinking water for our cities but not floodwaters at our doors. A stable climate is the foundation of our global civilization, of our global economy—the prerequisite for a profitable investment environment.

He was also yapping about the future of coal and not in a good way:

“We live on one planet, and we share a common humanity that requires respect for each others’ families and communities,” Trumka said. “In particular, we need dialogue between environmentalists and workers and communities about the future of coal.[emphasis mine].

This from the man who was the former president of the United Mine Workers and should know the importance coal has in our lives and those who are employed by the industry.

Oh, I forgot. His boss is Obama, or vice versa. Take your pick.

As Kenny S. would say, B.O.H.I.C.A.

I for one am for dumping the U.N. and moving it to an atoll in the Pacific.

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