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This Ain’t Beanbag

We’re all just not smart enough to get that Obama is the enemy.  That’s what the talking heads are saying – from Sean Hannity to Mark Steyn to David Horowitz, I have probably heard or read fifty of them going on since last night.
My question to all of them is – is Obama on the ballot in South Carolina?  Do you puffers have a clue that this is NOT the general election? You wanna give us a lecture on communism now?

Here’s somebody who graduated from Idaho that gets it:


This isn’t bean bag,” she said. “I don’t blame Newt Gingrich and others who had  come out on offense swinging against the front-runner because they had just  faced millions and millions of dollars in attack ads in Iowa. And they’d just  come off that.

The want to talk about Barack Obama?  Barack Obama told everybody not to do too much talkin’, and now they’re (the puffers) telling everybody not to do too much talkin’.  Go figure.  Wait a minute….maybe we do need to reassess who the enemy is.

Who do they think they are?  Brilliant campaign strategists?   Sarah Palin knows exactly what she’s talking about when she says this ain’t beanbag.  She knows from experience exactly what beanbag is all about because she was on the ticket with McCain and the McCain campaign against Obama was “beanbag”.  As Herman Cain would say – How’s THAT workin’ out for y’all? These people comparing Gingrich and Perry to the #OWS protesters?  I don’t freakin’ think so.

Wherever these memes came from that Gingrich and Perry are making left wing attacks against Romney, these people eiher aren’t as smart as we have always given them credit for, or they are reducing themselves to being part of the problem.  They’re calling Gingrich and Perry anti-capitalists because Gingrich and Perry are trying to keep McLame, Part II, from hijacking the conservative revolution?  There aren’t any two people on the planet who understand the enemy that is Barack Obama more than Gingrich and Perry.

I’ve invested a fair amount of my valuable time in the last twenty years listening to Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Steyn, et al, but at this juncture, if they’re about telling Gingrich and Perry to shut up, I’ve got three words for them………..”This ain’t beanbag.”

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