The Rush to Defend Romney


The numbers keep indicating 70% of Republicans and 95% of conservatives just don’t want Romney. I’ll vote for him, I think, maybe…if it comes to it. But I won’t walk a single block or make a single phone call for him. I will not try to influence anyone for Romney. And I’d rather give money to any deserving conservative down ballot…or the bum on the corner.

It’s curious to me that while Romney has been able to use his money and surrogates to burn down every serious candidate, including my guy, Governor Perry, the first time they really respond in kind, the whole world rushes to defend the great capitalist, Mitt Romney. I do not know that much about Bain, but I know the type. Usually fairly ruthless to the last nickel. I suppose they have their place, if less so than 1984, but do I want that type of honcho for president? Nope, save him for the next Olympics in America, if that ever happens again.

It’s strange to me that conservatives like Rush, Hannity and Levin, who are quick and right to trash the hedge funds and cronyism of Soros and the Oracle, are so defensive of Bain and Romney’s efforts there. What makes Romney so special? We know there are vultures among our capitalists. We KNOW it, because we lock them up when we get the goods on them.

The Associated Press reported that Bain bought two companies – Hallmark’s Burnes of Boston and the Holson Company in the late 1980s. Bain combined them into the Holson Burnes Group and built a factory in South Carolina. But while sales grew, Holson Burnes was operating at a loss, the AP reported. The company closed the South Carolina plant in 1992, laying off workers there and moving the remaining jobs to Claremont, N.H. However, those jobs also did not last long.

The AP reported that the Claremont plant began furloughing workers after just seven months, as it sent more jobs overseas. –Boston Globe

Maybe the above is a legitimate case of restructuring. Maybe not. I don’t know what the tax and other incentives were, if any, to move the company three times. What I do know is three different American cities were effected with the jobs eventually gone out of the country. At the least it seems fair that questions can be asked about this sort of capitalism. After all there is about to be a primary in South Carolina, a state that has been hit pretty hard by this sort of thing.

Hey, how about that stock market? Did you know that as of Tuesday, January 10th, the Dow has surged 15% in about 90 days. It just makes sense doesn’t, what with sky high commodity prices and the wonderful state of the world economy. Actually, there have been multiple swings similar to that over the last year or so. That’s not choppy, it’s schizophrenic and to be expected when the average stock is held 22 seconds. You read that right.

This aint your daddy’s capitalism and these hedge funds and stock funds making these instant trades are not your old Wall Street Republicans. But let’s not ask any hard questions about it because you know that makes us like the Occupy nuts. Let us carry on pretending the Obama thugs are not going to bring it up, if Romney is the GOP candidate.

Ayn Rand talked a lot about looters, the takers who live off the producers. She understood a lot of so called capitalists are really just looters themselves, working every angle and favor for an advantage. They aren’t producers or if they are they want an advantage. They are crony manipulators and abetors to statism when it profits them. Mitt Romney imposed a statist mandate as governor of Massachusetts. I reckon that’s enough to merit a close inspection of everything about him, including how he made his money.

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Texas native. Conservative small businessman with 31 years experience. Government should roll back the nanny state. No country can tax its way to prosperity. The question isn't who will let me but who will stop me?
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Texas native. Conservative small businessman with 31 years experience. Government should roll back the nanny state. No country can tax its way to prosperity. The question isn't who will let me but who will stop me?

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January 11, 2012 3:44 am

I think what we already see is what we get with Romney,so far as his biggest vulnerabilities, which will be sorely tested in the next few months: they have been and remain RomneyCare and the flip on abortion to get elected in Massachusetts. TG I have got to comment on that great factoid you cited, about trade pace in the stock market. Yes they are doing a massive deception act on us right in front of their eyes. Amateurs (including MSM “analysts”)look at the direction the market is going to gauge its “health” – doesnt matter so much anymore, though.… Read more »

January 11, 2012 3:59 am

Also it’s been verified, the pre-programmed trading applications wihich run the market, give a split second heads up to certain favored groups, stocks or institutions in order for their stocks to move ahead of the buy or sell in response to the orders coming in from Grandma in Caleche Springs or the Ohio State Teachers Pension Fund. That, plus nancy Pelosi’s immunity from felony liability for insider trading “because she is a member of the House and is doing such important work for us”. You havent got a chance against these guys whether we place a sell or buy or… Read more »

January 11, 2012 9:52 am

Mr. Galt from Texas: Thanks you for reminding the audience about the statist mandate, the Individual Mandate, that the talking heads have conveniently buried at the bottom of their ‘stack of stuff’. Willar Mitt Romney, with a smile on his face, promised the other 49 states that he would not do to them what he did to the people in Massachusetts. It is not stretching the point too much to indicate that Mitt as much as said “Those people in Massachusetts were asking for it, so I gave it to them.” I have never met a sane adult who said… Read more »