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Communist Party Perks, Or How The One Percent Live In China

I always laugh then find myself extremely concerned at tools of America who deign Communist China to be some kind of Country to emulate. Barack Hussein Obama mused once how he wished our political system were more like the Chinese? Well Of Course He Does, He Is A Narcissist Who Wants To Control Your Day From Morning To Night. I certainly know that our schools of higher education are being run by communists who take great pains to deny the horror of that ideology or even in this day and age the horror of the ideology of Islam. It is because our children are being taught by the communists that socialism is no longer a dirty word, we need to fix that by the way.

What the Communist ideology as well as socialism and Marxism consist of are a bunch of narcissistic human beings who want to live well, enjoy the ballet, drive the best cars, while the rest of you 99% toil to put food on the table for your children. It is the most disgusting of all ideologies in the history of the world and the only ones who benefit are the Party leaders No, No Little People, Those Cars, Those Houses, Those Clothes, They Are Not For You, There Are For The “Chosen Ones”

Chinese officials love their cars — big, fancy, expensive cars. A chocolate-colored Bentley worth $560,000 is cruising the streets of Beijing with license plates indicating it is registered to Zhongnanhai, the Communist Party headquarters. The armed police, who handle riots and crowd control, have the same model of Bentley in blue.

And just in case it needs to go racing off to war, the Chinese army has a black Maserati that sells in China for $330,000.

“Corruption on wheels is an accurate description of this problem,” said Wang Yukai, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance in Beijing, who has been advocating restrictions on officials’ cars for years.

A remnant of a decades-old party perks system, the luxe wheels are a conspicuous target of growing public outrage over the privileges of the elite.

Armed with cellphone cameras, angry Chinese have started posting photographs of the expensive government cars — identifiable by their license plates — on a microblog site called Anti-Official Cars Extravagance that was set up in August. (Government censors shut down an earlier version of the same site.)

The Chinese government doesn’t release figures, but automobile industry analysts here say that spending for cars tops $15 billion annually, while some scholars believe the figure is many times that amount.

Even at more conservative estimates, the figure is greater than that allocated for low-income housing or for scientific research and development.

Not to speak of the funding for school buses.

For those leftists in America dreaming of the day communism comes for good, I pray to God you leave America first.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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