Sleep soundly tonight. Your Department of Defense is On Duty.


How about that Department of Defense?  They really know how to fight and win wars, don’t they?  No kidding, those guys are so adept at sending our troops out with instructions to not engage the enemy and on  foot and vehicle patrols to get their arms and legs blown off by enemy mines it’s not funny.  No, really, it’s not funny.  Let’s see, mines and booby traps only been around for what, a thousand years?  What’s different these days is, our troops are only allowed to shoot when they’re shot at, and that guy standing over there on the corner is not shooting at our troops – he’s just …..pushing a button.  Hey, it’s a learning curve, you know.   And keeping the peace?   Nobody can keep the peace like our DOD:

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan investigative commission  accused the American military Saturday of abuse at its main prison in  the country, repeating President Hamid Karzai’s demand that the U.S.  turn over all detainees to Afghan custody and saying anyone held without  evidence should be freed.

Yessirree, just like when we defeated Japan back in the day and went in there and occupied the country and then Japan set up those ‘commissions’ and said we didn’t have any evidence against the prisoners we had taken. Remember that?  You don’t remember the Japanese commissions?  Huh.

The demands put the U.S. and the Afghan  governments on a collision course in an issue that will decide the fate  of hundreds of suspected Taliban and al-Qaida operators captured by  American forces. The head of the Afghan investigation said U.S.  officials told him many of those militant suspects were taken based on  intelligence that cannot be used in Afghan courts.


Drat! If we had only gathered evidence that could be used in Afghan courts!   If only we had matched up that guy’s fingerprint with the one found on that detonating device and presented DNA samples!  Oh, well, like we said, it’s a learning curve.

On the subject of the Iranian nukes, we have not learned whether DOD has any evidence that will stand up in Iranian Courts.  There is a possibility the subject may have to be dropped.  Doggone it!  But don’t worry about the safety of our aircraft carrier!  We are not going to send it back into the Persian Gulf….just like the Iranian general asked us not to, as he and his colleagues approvingly admired and showcased our drone.  We are so very proud!

And how about that State Department? Give it up for the Foggy Bottom Fiddlers, folks! Now they really know how to do the hard negotiating, ambassadoring and lookin’ out for freedom-lovers everywhere. Why, less than a million dead in the Middle East since last winter and only a few thousand dead Christians in Africa and probably only a 95% chance that the flow of oil will be cut off from the Persian Gulf ! The few, the proud, the US Diplomatic Corps! Semper Infidelitas!  Always placing the advancement of gay rights above personal beliefs, moral convictions and the preservation of Western Civilization. What dedication!  The next sound you hear will be a Pakistani nuke going off in New Delhi, but hey,  Arab Spring is not a perfume you know!  Get over it!

Misdirection, thy name is Barack Obama.  Incompetency (or is it perfidy?),  thy name is The United States Government.


Note:  This post was written before the news over the weekend that four Indiana National Guard troops were blown up by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.  Although no jocularity was intended in writing this piece, this news coming out of Kabul may tend to make some of the remarks above seem insensitive.  But  it was ex post facto of the writing of the article, and we are proceeding to post with it because we feel it only drives the point home that there appears to be a careslessness and a callousness in what is being done with our troops and our national security, and it is a completely separate question of whether troops should have been sent into theaters in the first place, or should be withdrawn now.


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January 9, 2012 2:46 pm

Yes Bob. The U.S. is just too damned nice. We haven’t learned to play dirty like the Viet Cong, the Islamists or the Taliban.

Just like Conservatives and the Rs are just *too damned nice* and haven’t learned Chicago style politics.

God Bless those brave soldiers lost over the weekend.