As the Earth Moves


By now you have probably heard all the scary stories and fear-mongering surrounding the natural gas fracking and wastewater disposal operations in Eastern Ohio.  Samples of the angst and concern, and the “the science is almost settled” spell being cast over the residents and the government of Ohio can be found here and here.

We are not going into a long-winded analysis and refutation of the hype being generated, except to note that parsing the verbiage being put out across the land, it kind of gives you an eerie Al Gore-like feeling, or the East Anglia blues.  In this case, the “hide the decline”  scenario involves failing to inform the public that there are major geological fault lines running through northeast Ohio, and that, regardless of whether the Daily Beast Reporter’s visit and the Columbia University team’s placement of seismometers around the well just happened to have been fortunate, there have been earthquakes in the area before.  Before fracking and before injecting  and most likely going back before history of any kind.  Because, as any geologist will tell you…..the Earth moves.  Can wastewater trickling into subterranean geological formations move tectonic plates?  Well, duh!!  We raised the global temperature and the sea levels, melted the glaciers and caused devastating hurricanes to reduce the United States to a sand dune, didn’t we? ………….. Well, we almost did.

We only advise that whether it be E-mails to and from the Columbia scientists, or peer-reviews, or assessments of the political leanings and ambitions of “reporters” covering the subject, responsible adults keep a stack of FOIA forms handy.

At any rate, homing in on the consequences of all this to human beings, it seems the agendaites have succeeded for the moment in putting the kabbash on any economic recovery the area had hoped for by getting a State Senator and the Youngstown mayor and City Council, and of course the prudent John Kasich and Ohio DNR  to react in fear and horror and to shut down drilling in the area.  Moratoriums are all the rage these days.  The Gulf Coast is still staggering under the weight of moratoriums, as you will recall.

The curious part of the whole thing is the muted reaction from the citizenry.  Sure there was some grumbling down in the Gulf area,  but that $20billion BP superfund kind of muted that.  Up in Northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania, there is no superfund because, well, because there has been no damage – no property damage, no loss of life, no one even injured.  The only thing is that industry has once again been shut down.  You would have thought that the community would have been pining for a return of industry since the heady days of steel-making, and men of steel, are gone now.  Maybe that’s a clue right there – men of steel are gone.  File that away in your things to remember drawer.

Yes, the grant-driven “scientists” and the publicity seeking “occupiers” are all over this thing, as are the sensationalist media hounds and the bloodthirsty Statists.  But where are the people?  Where are the young people, the young mothers and fathers who we would have been expecting to be dreaming of a brighter future for themselves and their families after years of stagnation and decline? Why are they not meeting and marching and demanding that the government back off and the ‘occupiers’ and the fear mongers get out of town so they can get back to work and build themselves and their communities back up again?  For that matter, where are the unionistas, who we would have thought would have been upset with the government locking them out of work in Youngstown and surrounds?  Oh, that’s right!  They’re all gathering over in Indianapolis protesting Indiana’s upcoming ‘right-to-earn-a-living-without-being-shaken-down” legislation.  Go figure.

Somebody said once that the Lord helps them that helps themselves.   The only reason we can imagine that citizens aren’t demanding that government and outside meddlers get out of the way of good-paying jobs and increasing the standard of living in post-industrial Ohio is that being uncomfortable isn’t as uncomfortable as it used to be in days of old.  At least not as long as the debt limit, both personal and public, can be routinely raised.

That and men just aren’t made out of what they used to be made out of anymore.  But the Earth doesn’t care.  It continues to move.  Always has and always will.



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January 8, 2012 11:38 am

The worst quake in Ohio was in 1937 in Anna, between Lima & Dayton. A 5.5 and there is and was no drilling there. We had a big one in Toledo, no drilling here either, in 1986 which triggered a study done on earthquakes in OH because there were plans to build a nuke plant east of Cleveland. I have a copy of that study and the author spoke about the Akron Magnetic Boundary which is a fault that runs diagonally thru Akron and Youngstown and up the east side of Cleveland. The area in NE OH north of Youngstown,… Read more »

January 9, 2012 6:46 pm

Bob ironically I ran into this vid on Salazar’s website about the *big one* that hit DC & VA last Aug. Q & A from USGS.

Around the 8.00 mark someone asks abt fracking, & he says it’s still “active research” and then at the about the 23.00 mark he says aftershocks can happen weeks, months or years afterward.