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Iowa Results Are In… Or Maybe Not?

I was surprised this morning when one of the mad progressives on my local paper’s blogs actually posted something useful. In the midst of his non-stop hate fest against anything and everything Republican, he included a comment about possible miscount errors from the Iowa caucuses.

Edward True says he attended a 53 person caucus in Moulton, Appanoose County, Iowa and helped count the votes. He made a note of the results for himself and claims that Romney only received 2 votes instead of the 22 votes that were recorded for Romney at his caucus. It’s plausible that someone hit the 2 key twice by mistake when entering the results. I’ve been told there is no recount process for the caucuses, but it’s not settled yet. The Iowa Republican party has to certify the results within 14 days and part of that certification process is checking for entry errors.

The Iowa Republican article also listed a statement from the Iowa GOP.

Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn statement regarding Appanoose County caucus results:

“Iowa GOP rules provide for a two-week certification process for each of the 1,774 precincts. The Iowa GOP will announce the final, certified results of the 2012 Iowa Causes following this process. Out of respect to the candidates involved, party officials we will not respond to every rumor, innuendo or allegation during the two week process. That said, Iowa GOP officials have been in contact with Appanoose County Republican officials tonight and do not have any reason to believe the final, certified results of Appanoose County will change the outcome of Tuesday’s vote.”

It’s possible the Iowa votes will go to Santorum instead of Romney. If so, it’s a severe blow to Mitt and a huge boost for Santorum. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help Gov. Perry who is, I’m sure, hoping to overtake Santorum as the “not Mitt” candidate.

Brian Hibbert
Midwestern conservative, Precinct Committeeman, county GOP Executive Committee secretary and currently a candidate for the Board of Trustees at Illinois Central College. It's amazing what can happen if you just show up and put in a little effort.

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