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The Obama Campaign War Chest


Conventional wisdom has it that Barack Obama will have something in the neighborhood of $1billion dollars to spend on his re-election campaign.  That figure is incorrect.  The actual amount may be found here  at WhiteHouse.gov and is contained in the “Documents” section of the report and is the last document in the list, entitled “Summary Tables”. The relevant Table is the first one – Table S-1.

To find the actual amount, look under the column “2012”, second line.  The actual amount that Barack Obama will have to spend on getting re-elected in 2012 is …..brace yourself…….  3,729 billion dollars.  That is, 3.729 trillion dollars.

That amount of money will be deposited into Barack Obama’s account by the Congress of the United States of America.  Every penny of  it will be spent in a manner geared toward his re-election.  Every penny of  it.

Article I , Section 7, United States Constitution :

  “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives”

The leader of the House of Representatives is The Speaker of the House, the Honorable John Boehner, R-Ohio.  For those Republican candidates vying for the nomination to unseat Barack Obama as President of the United States and concerned about a possible disparity in the amount of campaign funds available to the President versus amounts available to them,  the Speaker’s phone number is 202-225-0600.

If those of you in the hunt don’t consider that 3.729 trillion dollar figure to be much of a handicap for you, or in fact consider it to be an impediment to Barack’s campaign plans and his “transformational” designs on the country, then by all means don’t bother the Speaker.  He is probably busy anyway.  And much luck to you all.



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