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Structure Demands Behavior

So we know the Republicans have mostly sold us out after we delivered the House and almost the Senate in 2010. We should know that whatever we deliver to the Republican leadership; be it a bigger House, a Senate majority, the White House in 2012, they will do nothing of consequence. Taxes won’t be cut or simplified; spending will hardly slow and given our last experience under total Republican government it may well accelerate.

The establishment, left or right, considers us (Tea Party supporters) to be naïve.

Every two years we play this game where, if only we can win, then our side can claim #victory and government will return, at least a little to its rightful place. We’re #winning!!! We believe them. But when we do manage to deliver #victory, government never gets smaller. We are naïve. #Sucker is a more accurate term.

I have kicked this around a lot.

I heard this first from one of the Ryun brothers of American Majority fame,

Structure Demands Behavior

They in turn got it from some business guru.

I think it is absolutely true.

At no time in the last hundred years have Americans wanted bigger government yet it is what we always get.

I firmly believe the changes made with the 16th, 17th and the Federal Reserve DEMAND the behavior that leads us to where we are.

If left unchanged, there is no possibility mere voting will make any difference. 100 years of voting through no less than 50 congressional elections and 25 Presidential elections proves this is true. CW recently sent me some passages from a book by Rose Wilder Lane, Discovery of Freedom. In the 40’s she was pointing out the crooked bastards can always round up enough votes with celebrity endorsements, picnics and vote buying. It is not better today.

(And thanks CW. I liked the excerpts so much I bought the book.)

The federal government has too much money with absolutely no accountability. As we see in the most conservative parts of Iowa, talk about killing a corn subsidy and they will kill your chances of winning. Talk about killing off shore drilling in Louisiana and it will kill you. Refuse to protect maple syrup in Vermont and the green mountain boys will lynch your campaign. Talk about cutting defense spending in CA and you’re dead. Means testing Social Security in FL? uh huh.

Congress is obviously NOT going to stop their gravy train any more than GE or Lars in Iowa is going to kill his. I do think Lars might be convinced to do the right thing if he knew GE would also be on the chopping block but GE will never concede.

That means that Republicans may even push for a BBA or Term Limits but “oh, so sad,” they always come up one or two votes short.

We are supposed to remain a bunch of naïve suckers never learning from the last cycle. We are supposed to believe they really are trying so hard to do the right thing and just can’t swing it.

I don’t believe them anymore. And while I have been a Republican since the age of 5 (literally and maybe earlier) I don’t trust any part of our party leadership. We can play this game ad infinitum. We will always lose.

I am done playing it. While I will continue to try to elect Republicans, with a few exceptions, I am only doing so because there are a relative few left in that party that get it. The Democrat Party has long since sold out the nation completely.

Instead I intend to focus on goals that can make a difference. Yes, we CAN elect Republican majorities. But to what purpose?  I am tired of being sold out.

It’s why I have arrived at the Article V Convention as the only possible solution. And it is a long shot on the order of We Pledge Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor. Not to change the constitution, but to change it BACK to what it was meant to be.

Structure Demands Behavior.

We are getting exactly the behavior our current structure demands. If we don’t change the Structure we will never change the Behavior.


A father of eight, manager of a small business, concerned American.

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A father of eight, manager of a small business, concerned American.
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Never get defeated and always be prepared to march on Washington, and truthfully I would rather have a whole compliment of Republicans then Democrats and then as I said before let We The People then MARCH ON WASHINGTON!

Lady Penguin

Too much money. Exactly. I’ve been thinking that about the government, how in the world (though the amendments tell me) did the Federal government get so rich that it is in the position of handing out such largesse, creating program after program, forcing people and states to give up their own sovereign rights, and creating a dole system of living for the average American.

The Federal government has not only centralized power, they’ve become the aristocracy we fled over 250yrs. ago.

I’m going to order Wilder’s book. 🙂


Good turn of the phrase, Rogue, Structure demands behavior. It’s an ancient concept, but this new name (Id’ never heard it before) captures its essence. Perry is asking to cut Congress in half, by pay and days in DC. That is a change in structure, and when you consider what he will have to do to get that passed…members voting against their own wallets…you can understand how difficult it will be. But he will have more votes than we now count. And if he goes all Reagan, by taking his case directly to the people, they will come around. An… Read more »

Mike gamecock DeVine

And then there’s the structure of man and affluence-driven behavior. I agree with you on the deleterious effects of the income tax, direct election of senators and to a certain extent the end of the gold standard but I think the root of our problems is more fundamental to man’s nature to become soft when affluent over time. More and more Americans have wanted and still want Big Government. Bork’s Slouching Towards Gomorrah is my gospel. I too would favor an Article V constitutional convention and think that the better chance for major improvement politically is via the One man… Read more »

Mike gamecock DeVine

Kowalski – I think it is a good question as to whether or not we could have at least slowed the slouching problem after we moved from an agrarian to an industrial society, but I think it was inevitable that people would demand an ever larger federal government given the move to cities and the vicissitudes of the market. And that once the camel’s nose was under the door that it would grow over time.