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Ok, Christmas is done. Santa came for the good ones, Christ Jesus had a happy birthday.  A certain amount of after-Christmas business remains – gift cards to spend, sales, sales  and more sales, and about 7,000 more bowl games, including the NCAA joke national championship that has clown team Alabama instead of powerhouse and rightful #2 Oklahoma State against Darth Miles and the Evil Empire centered in Red Stick, Louisiana. Many of you have this week off from work. Good for you.

However, play time is over.  The REAL Evil Empire reigns over the United States, and they are fortifying their position while we sit around thinking the American people will see it happening and put a stop to it.

Let me repeat for emphasis. The statists know that in a fair election where the facts are widely understood in America, they will get clobbered good, and run out of Washington on a rail wearing tar and feathers. They know that.

And without bogging you down with details, they are hard at work making sure that the elections are not fair, and that the people are uninformed and misinformed to the maximum extent possible. They didn’t take Christmas off (Labor Day and May Day are when they celebrate their dieties, LOL).

So, you had your celebration. Now get back to work.

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December 27, 2011 4:49 pm

Please make sure to sign up to verify voters at your local polling station, it is YOU against the left in November 2012, btw take your camera & be ready to post on Twitter and Facebook what is going on. We have more Republican Governors and should be able to get quick action on fraud in PA, FL, SC, MI, WI all formerly lefty strongholds!