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“Too bad about the 72 Dead Iraqis. See, Bush lied about WMD’s and anyway, I’m off to Hawaii. See ya!”

Under questioning by Rep. Dan Lungren, R-CA, in a congressional hearing, Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Stockton denied vehemently that the United States is at war with Islam, which is of course correct and the proper thing to say.  But Stockton, adhering to the Obama policy of “Do not name the enemy in any way that might correctly identify him” refused to say, in fact also specifically and categorically denied, that we are at war with ‘radical Islamic extremists’, when asked the question multiple times by Rep. Lungren.

Fine.   We are all too familiar with the politically correct wordplay coming out of this administration.  The only “enemy’ that Stockton would identify by name is al Qaeda.  In fact, Stockton named al Qaeda over and over again in his testimony as being who it is we are fighting;  who, if not what, the enemy is.

Again, fine.  The subject for the next congressional hearing, the follow up to this, should be “If al Qaeda is our enemy, if it is al Qaeda  who we are fighting, where in the world is it that we might find al Qaeda?”  Just exactly where are these guys?”

Dateline – Baghdad:

Reuters) – A wave of bombings killed at least 72 people in Baghdad Thursday, the
first attacks since Iraq’s Shi’ite-led government was engulfed in a crisis that
risks fracturing the country along sectarian and ethnic lines.

The bombings, just days after the last U.S. troops left Iraq, marked a
violent backlash against Shi’ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s move to
sideline two Sunni rivals. The tensions threaten a relapse into the kind of
sectarian bloodletting that drove Iraq to the brink of civil war a few years


A senior U.S. official however said Washington’s initial assessment was that
the violence was probably the work of al Qaeda.

“It has all the marks of al Qaeda, targeting large concentrations of
civilians and it could be that they are trying to exploit this by seeking to
recreate the support that they had in the west and the north of the country,”
the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity

“And so, continuing the questioning Mr. (Stockton, Panetta, Obama) if the United States of America is at war with al Qaeda, and al Qaeda is in Baghdad, Iraq, can you tell the committee, and the American people, why it is we have just retreated from Baghdad, Iraq?

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